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Comfortable Formal Wears for Women

Comfortable Formal Wears for Women

Summer does not always mean funky bright colored fabrics and lots of flairs on loose fitting clothes. You need to remain cool in the office during summer. But, it is important to distinguish fun beach wear from formal attires. It is important to know what to wear to work, while keeping in mind what not to wear there. Have a look at few of the trendy ideas.


Dresses: Fabric remains the prime concern about choosing summer clothes. Cotton is a popular choice because it is breathable. But thick cotton clothes look like casual attire after they get crushed during the day’s commute. A hint of Lycra or other materials should be the right choice for a smart office look. A non-fitting a-line style is best suited for a formal look. Choose something that fits well but does not stick to your body, specially legs. Otherwise, you will feel very uncomfortable. A lining usually keep the outer material free from unnecessary crease. Again, choosing the lining-material can be a tricky job as thick linings make the dress hotter.

Shift dresses can be good for wearing to work. They create a perfect silhouette of the body while keeping you cool. Ponte, gabardine and cotton are the best materials for shift dresses in summer. The trick is to allow enough air between the skin of the wearer and the dress. They look professional for both their materials and color.

Pants: This is the perfect piece of formal wear for any season. Summer pants are different due to their fabrics. Heavy fabrics, clubbed with heavy pockets and linings make you suffocate both, in the office and on the way to work. With summer pants, you can find a smart way out of this mess by selecting the right fabric and cut for your formal attire.

Stylish cropped pants are ruling the formal clothes market comfortably. You need to find out a pair of chic sandals or trendy pumps that go well with these pants. These cool replacements to your heavy-fabric trousers are ideal for summer, spring and autumn. Twill or high quality cotton fabric helps them to hold their actual shape throughout the day.

Blouses: Summer shirts or blouses can be sleeveless or short sleeved. If you find the office AC a bit too cold, just take out a light-weight jacket or cardigan from your bag and keep it on until you leave office. Linen, voile, chiffon are the best bet for summer. These materials help the skin breathe in proper way as the fabric float away from the body. But, if you find these materials a bit transparent, camisoles in different colors can solve your problem.

During summers, it is important to sport a look that makes you comfortable. Apart from the types of clothes you choose, it is also important to go for light make-up and minimum accessories. Cool and casual is the style mantra during the summers.

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