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Look beautiful and flawless on the most special day

My best friend’s wedding was round the corner. She is literally a head turner and looks stunning and gorgeous. So, we were all anticipating that she would look absolutely outstanding and out of the world. However, much to our surprise, she was not looking as attractive as she always does. Couple of months after, when my wedding date came; I went through many bridal magazines and scoured through the internet to find out some of the best and long lasting bridal makeup tips. Thankfully, I came across some interesting tips that proved to be really useful on ‘the day’ of my life. I would like to share some of those tips with my readers, so that prospective brides out there (if any) can consider the tips and look their best on their wedding day.

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Beware of high-SPF product: I am a huge advocate of using high-SPF products. However, I came across some information in a magazine which said that using high-SPF foundation or skincare is simply ‘no-no’ on the wedding day. That is because foundations with high SPF have an ingredient in them called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient pales out the skin, resulting in bad photography. After I came across this point, I realized that my friend must have used high-SPF product on her wedding, which was why she was looking pale and had bad photographs.

Use primer under foundation: Before this, I never used a primer under my foundation. In fact, I never knew what primer is in a wide range of makeup products. Since I read the magazines and came across the idea of using primer under foundation, I got to know that primer is a cream-based product that helps to smooth out the skin, tone down uneven patches, and of course the redness on your skin. Most importantly, it makes the foundation or makeup you apply last all day long. It was written in a magazine that using primer under foundation is extremely important on wedding day. Since I have oily skin, I had to use oil-free primer from Estee Lauder.

Apply the concealer after foundation: Being a novice about makeup, I always used to apply a concealer before the foundation. Much later (when I started reading the magazines for bridal makeup tips), I came to know this is absolutely a wrong thing to do. Of course, if somebody goes over the skin with a brush (hopefully) or with hands (more commonly) after applying the corrective product under the eye or on any problematic area, then she might accidentally wipe away all the concealing work.

First-thing-first: In one of the magazines, I came across that after skin prep, special attention should be given to the eye makeup. However, it was written that not being too experimental with eye makeup on the wedding day is a good idea. Creating a dramatic eye is of course a great idea on wedding, but not if you are doing it for the first time. However, since I always like to add a touch of dramatic effect to my eyes, I followed a few simple dramatic eye makeup tips for my wedding –

  • I started with applying foundation and powder on the eyelid by using a blending brush. Then applied the lightest shade of shadow on the middle of the eye lid.
  • After that I applied a darker shade of eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye and blended it inwards.
  • To highlight my eyes a little more, I applied the second lightest shade of shadow to the brow bone. I also used high definition brows to give a little more dramatic effect to my eyes.
  • Finally, I applied a thin stroke of eyeliner to the upper lid and curled the lashes with multiple coats of mascara.

Consider these makeup tips on your wedding day and look best.

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