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Why We Love Sports Luxe

Why We Love Sports Luxe

No summer wardrobe would be complete without a touch of the sports luxe trend. This is easily the simplest trend to jump aboard – all you need is a few key pieces paired with a laid back attitude. While most styles have quickly become old news before they’ve had a chance to take hold, Sports Luxe is here to stay. The collision of high fashion and sportswear has been well documented on the catwalk and is now making its way into wardrobes everywhere.

We love the Sports Luxe trend for its simplicity and easy to follow rules for creating a smart but casual wardrobe. Bend the rules this summer and introduce a few key pieces – just make sure you keep it stylish by only wearing one or two pieces at a time. Follow these simple style rules to introduce the sports luxe trend into your wardrobe this summer.

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Step one: the sweatpants

The right pair of joggers is the foundation of any sports luxe wardrobe. To transition from shabby to chic, choose a tailored pair of joggers created from a highly technical or luxury fabric. A dark pair can easily be worn in a formal setting creating the perfect smart casual look. Comfort is key with this trend as high fashion and streetwear collide. You can even get away with pairing a tailored pair with a shirt and suit jacket for optimum summer comfort and style.

Step two: the bold print t-shirt

Geometric patterns and bold splashes of paint are adorning t-shirts everywhere this summer, so this is perhaps the easiest way to add a touch of sports luxe to your look. If you can’t get away with bold prints, look for sports-inspired tops, like baseball t-shirts or a basketball vest. The key to making this look work in a luxe setting is to find a balance between the sporty influence and the luxe side.

Step three: the trainers

Your everyday trainers will not make the cut for the sports luxe trend. Look for formal shoes made from high-quality materials. Unusual fabric pairings are a popular occurrence in this particular trend. Look for brands like Android Homme and New Balance for luxe footwear with a casual feel.

Step three: cover up in style

Complete your look with a men’s bomber jacket; the perfect blend of high fashion with casual style. Choose a technical fabric for a structured look, or opt for a bold print to make a statement. Alternatives to the bomber jacket trend include sports jackets made from more casual materials or a tailored hoodie crafted from structured materials. Look for brands such as Good For Nothing Clothing, Illusive London and 304 Clothing to truly cover up in style.

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