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The Legend Of The Stripes – Always In Fashion!


Striped shirts and t-shirts have been a part of the fashion industry perhaps since the advent of making style statements. They look so elegant and classy when worn that it is hard to consider the stripes anything less than legendary. However, owning them is one thing; and wearing them in the right way is something else altogether.

In order to look dapper, suave and sexiest best while wearing striped clothes, every man must keep these following tips in mind:

striped shirts for men


Go For The Vertical Stripes : The vertical stripes are the clear winners against the horizontal ones. And this easy victory is only because of the widespread preference for them. Vertical stripes make the wearer look taller and slimmer – and that’s always a positive.

Avoid the Contrasting Colors : Strictly avoid the stripes which come in contrasting colors. You know what that means, right? These pair of colors is the one which are found opposite one another on the color wheel. For example, white and black.

The Thickness Of The Stripes: You must pay close attention to the thickness of the stripes you buy. Thick stripes – no matter vertical or horizontal – goes well with tee shirts. On the other hand, make sure that the stripes of your shirts are thin in width.

Coming To The Bottoms : Some people might find the idea of teaming your striped shirt with pinstriped trousers as completely distasteful. But trust me, you are going to create a rage. And if the temperature allows you, go for a pinstriped jacket along with the entire outfit.

Chances are real low of you going wrong with striped shirts and tee shirts is minimal. These clothing items started a revolution back in its infancy, and still continues to do it with finesse and pride.

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