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Try out Eco Friendly Fashion

For decades clothes have been manufactured to last. The styles would last an era and the wardrobes remained the same. Today, the wardrobes have become starker, fads keep changing within a day and the fabrics are also cheap. To go eco friendly in fashion is to comply with the clothes which help you sustain a green environment. The result is revamping of your entire wardrobe with fabrics which are organic and eco friendly. With more fashion designers believing in the existence of continuum of pollutants and toxins to be never in style, adopting the eco friendly fashion is the new trend. These sustainable fabrics are made of bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, soy, corn, peace silk, and other eco-friendly resources. Going green and using sustainable products does not mean ugly; it just means a daintier and an elegant carbon footprint.

Fall Coat

The blanket inspired cozy coat by the Kristinit label, founded by L.A.-based designer Kristina Lenss is best for the season. An ultimate chic coat for the urban women, this would be the perfect fall out coat at $185 even if it is not made of organic wool.

Eco-friendly Shoes

Whenever you decide to get a hazardous stiletto go nowhere except the Charmone shoes. The shoes include socially aware designs, which are as sexy as it can get. Italian-made, the Cinnamon shoe is vegan, PVC-free and made of eco-friendly and low-polluting microfibers. The shoe is glue free and sustainable.

Organic Fragrance

A Perfume Organic offers exquisitely blended perfumes from USDA certified organic botanicals which are hand poured in Manhattan in little batches. Green, the signature fragrance smells of black truffle, fruity rose, sweet ylang ylang finished with a spicy woody ardor.  The elfin bottle is flower seed-rooted which can be recycled to reduce wasteful packaging.

Lightweight Attire

88 Orange is specializes in knitting cozy lightweight fabrics made from Supima cotton that grows in California. The natural colors mirror the natural beauty of the locale. The styles are simple, elegant and ideal for layers. If you are looking to buy fabrics with fresh scent of oranges, check out their signature collection “orange blossom” to attain a divine experience. It is manufactured in Orange County.

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