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The Latest Funky Fashion Clothes To Lookout For

With bland and generic being the staple of the high street, you’re going to have to go a little off the beaten track to avoid looking like everyone else. There’s nothing more style destroying than seeing someone wearing the exact same thing as you. We’ve put together these six items that will undoubtedly give you that funky edge you’re looking for.

Classic Style is Back: Comfy Knitwear

You don’t usually associate comfort and cosy with high fashion but you’ll be glad to know that classic knitwear with a lived-in quality is hot for the upcoming fall season. Think texture, nothing too bulky and comfortable yet not oversized.

The great thing about knitwear is that you can pick up quality items from charity or retro shops meaning you can get the latest funky trends without having to spend a fortune. It also means you’ll be donning something that isn’t available on the high street.

Funky dress

Flat Buckle Boot: Edgy Funk Footwear

These boots not only give you that edge that funky fashion calls for but they’re also comfortable and practical. They’re classy enough to be worn on a night out, to the office or just on a visit to the mall with your girlfriends. They have that funky detail so you stand out from the crowd without screaming attention-seeker.

Vintage Dresses: Feminine Style

Having a funky fashion dress sense doesn’t mean sticking out like a sore thumb rather it’s giving a personal and edgy style to beautiful clothes. Vintage dresses encapsulate this idea giving you a unique look that no one else is going to have. After all, you can’t pick up the same copy off the rack at your local ‘Banana Republic’.

Shine with Metallic Sneakers

The metallic look is definitely in for the upcoming fall and winter seasons however it’s not exactly easy to implement the style without looking like a crazy person. Instead of being overly bold by wearing a metallic dress or jacket we say that the devil is in the detail. Try metallic sneakers instead. They’re subtle enough to not be overbearing but they still give you that edge that just oozes funky.

Graphic Style Screen Prints: Be Bold and Funky

What we love about this style is that you can stamp your message and tell people exactly what you’re about. Whether you decide to use your favourite cartoon prints, 1950s style graphics or just a selection of funky patterns it’s all you need to give a unique twist to your look.

Funky Mad Men Inspired Fashion: Pencil Skirts

This show has seriously given 1960s clothing a funky revival. Christina Hendricks has certainly given pencil skirts a new lease of life by sexily strutting her stuff on the AMC show. These skirts are lady-like, demure, sophisticated and by choosing an interesting pattern design you can give your style a healthy injection of funky!

Be Unique, Stay Funky

Don’t limit yourself to just these funky styles we’ve given you. Instead, think outside the box and combine accessorize and add subtle flavours to clothes you already own. Just a few wardrobe additions and tweaks can make a world of difference giving you that funky style from tinned bananas that will make your girlfriends ooze green with envy!

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