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5 Ways You Can Keep It Stylish While on the Job

For the sassy and stylish, traditional office wear can be a drag. Luckily, there are a few ways you can accent your attire to keep it fresh, while still keeping it work appropriate and within the dress code that you have in your office. Here is a quick look at five ways you can keep it stylish while on the job.

1. Scarves

Adding a patterned or brightly colored scarf to an otherwise neutral outfit is a great way to brighten the whole look. Experiment with different textures and contrasting colors to find a style that truly suits your personality. The great thing about a scarf is that you can always find one that matches with your outfit and desired style, and they can easily be removed if you need to go in for a serious business meeting. Scarves can be used any time of the year. However, make sure the fabric you choose is weather appropriate, because in the month of July, sweating in a wool scarf is not cool. stylish on the job

2. Cowboy Boots

This one may come as a shock to you, but cowboy boots can absolutely be a part of your work wardrobe. Pair cow boy boots with your favorite opaque nylons and a work-worthy dress or skirt. Voila. You’ve got a cute and comfortable look that can go from day to night. And let’s face it: cowboy boots are better for dancing than those frumpy, low heels. You might not think that cowboy boot to be very elegant, but who can argue with the fact that they have been featured in many high fashion events and they have even been worn on a regular basis in the white house. Do people really think your office is more professional than the president’s office?

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3. Interesting Flats

Perhaps your job requires more walking and pants suits than you would otherwise prefer. No worries, you can still spice up your attire by investing in flats that have some sort of pattern or print. Leopard flats, as well as a variety of different styles, work well with black slacks and can be worn to even the chicest of events. It might not feel like a huge advancement in your office style, but it is something that can add a small amount of flair to your bland work-wear.

4. Statement Necklaces

Pairing your demure clothing with a bold, bright choice like a bauble or bib necklace will bring the whole look up a notch. Depending on the occasion, you might choose a statement necklace that sparkles and shines, or something earthy, like stone or turquoise. When it comes to jewelry, the options are endless, and there are a variety of different pieces of jewelry that come at a low cost, making your customization options truly endless.

5. The Perfect Bag (or Bags)

What you bring to work is often overlooked, but a great bag is essential to completing your look. Depending on what you need to bring to the office, options range from a simple crossover purse to a tote large enough to double as an overnight bag. You can choose something quilted, solid, patterned, or leather. Designer bags have become so popular that finding affordable, copycat options at a department store should be relatively painless. A stylish and unique bag is the one style choice that you will be able to make for any sort of job or office setting.


These tips can be combined or used alone to spice up your office attire. Instead of being “frump girl”, pull on a pair of cowboy boots and grab your fashion forward bag. Bye bye, office drab; hello, new and stylish employee.


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