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Make Your Winter Stylish With 5 Trendy Headgears


Winter is here and its time to think about how to look stylish with all those layers of winter coats and sweaters. Beat off the chill with stylish coats and sweaters and compliment your attire with a trendy winter cap.

Types Of Hats In Fashion This Season

  • The Fedora

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This soft brimmed hat, creased at the center is one hat that became popular when Prince Edward started flaunting it. Today, you can get a Fedora for any material, brim and crown. These were worn by men in the 1920s, along with razor sharp suits that gave it an air of elegance and supremeness. Fedoras are perfect head gears, which men can team up with what they wear, when attending office or a party.

Just make sure you follow the etiquette of removing your Fedora, when you are indoors.

They are best suited for faces smaller in size and square shaped. The tapered area in the crown, produces the illusion of length.

  • The Beanie

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This round fitting knitted hat gives a more edgy and casual look. They can comfortably fit on your head and you can carry them anywhere – be it your briefcase or your small hand bag. Another advantage to wearing this kind of hat is that you don’t need to bother much about your messy hair, when stepping out of the house. However, they are not ideal to be worn to work or attending a formal party. When you need to attend both formal and corporate occasions, put on either a Fedora or a Pork Pie hat. They work the best.

  • The Pork Pie


The Pork Pie hat was popular among men during the beginning of twentieth century and became more poignant when Buster Keaton, the famous American silent movie actor started wearing them in his films. They also come with a tiny feature stuck near the side. They are perfect headgears for formal occasions , though you may find gentlemen teaming them up with casuals. Men with shorter faces can go for this kind of hat, since its short brim would not over power your face. Those who have longer face can also sport them, since they balance your face length by adding some width.

  • The Snap Back

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They look similar to base ball caps and come with a flat brim and adjustable plastic straps. These type of hats rose to fame from the underground music place, where rappers are seen to prefer this kind of hats. Though they go well during the Summer or Spring season, the rising trend, makes them popular in winter too. They look good with any kind of outfit you go out in.

You can avail them in any fabric and they are compatible for any face type. However, if you have a smaller face, then avoid going for these hats, since their broader brim width can make your face smaller.

  • The Flat Caps

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You can trace their origin to as far as 1300, when flat caps were worn by people of England, Scotland and Italy. 16th century saw the usage of these caps to be a common place in England, when the Government took measures to stimulate wool trade. By the time of the Victorian Age, these caps became a regular headgear among all English men.

That was back then but even today you would find both men and women flaunting these caps. The versatility of the caps allow one to team them up with any kind of attire.

The wide frontal brim and the short height helps to proportion the face size of anyone having long and square face type. However, anyone having a shorter face must be aware of the broader brim. It kind of makes your face look smaller.

After going through all those cap names, you can think which cap to shop for this season that would suit all your attire. The best answer would be to make your dressing style neutral so that fitting a cap would not be much of a problem. While a Fedora cap is ideal for any man, you can also try out something new and quirky by going for the Beanie or the Snap Back.

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