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Ideas about Wedding favour bags and gifts

Wedding favour bags are one of the most interesting elements of any wedding. You can use your imagination and personalise the gifts. Apart from the goodies inside, you need be careful with the type of wedding favour bags too. Choose bags that suit your wedding. Here are few tips on that:

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Choose organza or tulle wedding favour bags if you want them to match with your wedding colour theme. Tie the edges of these bags with colourful satin ribbons. In case you want the bottom of the bag to be stiff, use cardboard as the inner base.


Choose paper wedding favour bag if your wedding is more formal. Opt for coloured paper bags than the standard brown bags. Paper wedding favour bags work best with edible items. For a further effect, opt for recycled paper bags. This will make your wedding eco-friendly too.

Staple the bag to close it.

Customise your wedding favour bag. They will add a stylish look to your wedding. Do not opt for too heavy work on these bags. Keep these bags simple and elegant. Use tissue paper to stuff these bags. It will give them a fuller appearance.

What can you give in your wedding favour bag?

Eco-friendly wedding

Many of us today are going green in most of our daily activities. Environmentally friendly weddings are also a current rage. If you are also planning for an environmentally friendly wedding, you have several ideas to choose from.

Opt for confetti flowers, seed packets, birdseed, paper fans, palm trees, flowerpots and so on. Also, consider scented candles or recycled paper notepads.

Personalized wedding favour ideas

Choose candy tins, matchboxes, chocolate covered candies, mini champagne glasses, decorative bottles, playing cards, luggage tags, silk fans and so on. These gifts are more customised and will highly impress your guests. Also, consider napkin rings, tea sachets and jam bottles.

Beach wedding

The ambience in beach wedding is usually carefree and relaxing. Choose mini-cocktail glasses, scented candles, decorative bottles, wind chimes or seashells as wedding favour bag items. Opt for sunscreen lotion or lip balm for gifts to your female friends.

Note: most guests love gifts that they can use in daily life. Include mini-fans or glares as gift ideas.

Dress the favour bag like a palm tree or seashell.

Edible wedding favour

These will prove to be a sure hit among the wedding guests. Browse through several candies and cookies to select your preferred choice. Choose frosted cookies that match with your wedding cake. Chocolate bars, peanuts, jellybeans and almonds are also great options. Hot chocolate, coffee bags, and cappuccino are also additional options.

Homemade wedding favour goodies

Homemade candles: Make candles according to your preference. Do not forget to add your favourite scents in the candles. Select a personalised shape for your candle. Go for wedding bells or hearts.

Bookmarks: Make personalised bookmarks. Decorate them with satin ribbons. Add small description about you and your partner. Make it more personalised by wiring something specific for each guest.

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