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Styles Women Wish You Would Wear All The Times

Few things are more appealing than a well-dressed man–at least from the perspective of many women. A man who has embraced his sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it is likely to attract a woman who is just as confident and well-rounded as he is. Here are a few styles that women prefer…

Bottoms Up! Working Men’s Pants

Men may prefer jeans or shorts, but they have to have great pants to wear to work everyday. Rather than wearing the same pair of khakis or black dress slacks every single day to work, gentlemen should consider each of four styles of pants listed below that will help you navigate your style; whether it…

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs While Shaving

Most men understand the visual appeal of a fresh shave. Unfortunately, the perfect shave can be ruined by the presence of ingrown hairs. Taking the necessary steps to prevent ingrown hair is especially important for men that happen to have coarse or curly facial hair. Here are some effective tips for preventing ingrown hairs while…

Dress To Impress: How To Look Your Best At A Job Interview

Interviewers always take personal appearance and grooming into account when making hiring decisions. Candidates for a job need to take the time necessary to look professional, responsible and trustworthy in the days before an interview. Dressing inappropriately or going without shaving can create a negative impression. Several tips will help interviewees to look their best….