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How Men Can Be Fashionable Other Then Their Clothes

When most people think of fashion, they think of the clothes someone is wearing. However, there is a lot more that goes into fashion than wearing the right clothes. You have to think of your accessories, your attitude, and many other things. A lot of men think that throwing out their old wardrobe and spending $500 dollars on new clothes is going to help their fashion sense. While that may help, there are some other cool things that you can do that will improve your fashion sense without forcing you to spend a small fortune.

Get a Clean Shave

While an electric razor is nice and a convenient way to shave, think about getting a straight razor. They will give you an extremely close, long lasting shave. Finding a great straight razor can be a little hard. However, The Art of Shaving has an excellent selection of razors of all kinds. While some people may like stubble, it may not be for you. A clean-shaven look is a great way to enhance your fashion without even touching your clothes.


Play With New Accessories

Accessories are great at pulling an outfit together. Accessories can mean anything from glasses, hats, scarves, or whatever else you might have lying around your house. Watches can give a very cool, sophisticated look. Scarves are particularly in right now and are a great way to spruce up a boring outfit.

Take Care of Your Hair

Hair is an extremely important extension of someone’s fashion sense. Remember to wash and condition your hair. This may seem simple, but you’d be surprised how many men wear great clothes, only to have dandruff falling down from their hair. Also, try out a hairstyle that works for you. Some people look good with a messy, “just got out of bed” look. Others look great with a clean, business-like look. Just find out whatever works for you. Watch movies/TV and get inspiration from your favorite actors.

Be Confident in You Own Skin

This seems like such a cop-put answer, but it really isn’t. We know people are tired of hearing about confidence, it always comes up. Want to nail your job interview? Be confident. Want to improve your fashion? Be confident. However, this is because confidence is key to so many different situations. You can dress in the finest clothes, made from the finest silks of ancient Babylon. If you’re nervous or cold, people won’t be drawn to you. Johnny Depp is able to get away with wearing such outrageous things because he exudes confidence. Do the same.

No one says that improving your fashion sense has to break the bank or that it even needs to be difficult. As this list has showed, it’s relatively easy and cheap to improve your fashion sense.


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