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Styles Women Wish You Would Wear All The Times

Few things are more appealing than a well-dressed man–at least from the perspective of many women. A man who has embraced his sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it is likely to attract a woman who is just as confident and well-rounded as he is. Here are a few styles that women prefer on men in casual and formal settings.



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Stylish Boots

An article on the Complex Magazine website shares that women love to see guys in boots. Casual boots like Timberlands give the impression that a man has put a little extra effort into his laid-back attire. Black leather boots add a rock star edge to any outfit and show off a man’s wild or daring side.

Fashionably Formal

It’s pretty common knowledge that most women love a man in a suit that fits well, according to A suit is proper attire for the office in most cases, but is also a great way for a man to make a positive first impression on a date. The suit shouldn’t look boxy, and the pants and jacket should not fall too far beneath the ankles and wrists. Adding stylish touches like a colorful pocket square and a dapper pair of dress shoes will complete the outfit nicely.

Jeans With Character

A survey taken by Men’s Health magazine reveals that women are particularly drawn to a man who dresses in distressed denim. This clothing item indicates that the man is laid-back and knows the importance of keeping quality denim for as long as possible. The survey also indicated that women prefer a light or acid-wash jean on a man. For example, jeans by Scotch and Soda offer a refined but relaxed fit. Vintage jeans from a thrift store help to make the perfect casual outfit as well.

Plaid Shirts

A button-down plaid shirt goes great with jeans or khakis and can definitely get a woman’s attention. This is particularly true if the shirt fits well. Some women immediately associate the plaid pattern with a lumberjack or a job that requires exceptional physical strength. This may be the reason this clothing style is appealing to a number of ladies.

Patterned Scarves

The Frisky asserts that scarves, particularly ones that show a striped pattern, are a visually appealing addition to a man’s fall or winter outfit. The scarves look great with blazers and cardigans and show a man’s ability to layer clothing to create a polished yet eclectic look.


These are just a few of the clothing pieces that belong in a man’s wardrobe if he wants to impress women or continue being attractive to the woman of his dreams. These styles can help a man send a message that he’s well-rounded and knows how to dress for his environment.

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