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Dress To Impress: How To Look Your Best At A Job Interview

Interviewers always take personal appearance and grooming into account when making hiring decisions. Candidates for a job need to take the time necessary to look professional, responsible and trustworthy in the days before an interview. Dressing inappropriately or going without shaving can create a negative impression. Several tips will help interviewees to look their best.

Get a Professional Haircut

Unkempt and messy hair can destroy an entire look during an interview. Professionally styled hair is easily distinguished from hair that is simply poorly managed. Interviewees should get a professional haircut two days to a week before the appointment.


Wear a Suit That Fits Right

Suits that do not fit properly create an unprofessional appearance. A good fit means shirt cuffs will be slightly visible at the end of the coat sleeves. The coat should be able to be buttoned without too much slack or pulling too tight. The dress shirt collar should rest comfortable around the neck without hanging. A suit that fits can make a large difference during an interview.

Limit Accessories

Accessories should be limited to classical or traditional items like a watch, cufflinks and a tiepin. Flashy necklaces, bracelets and large rings should be left at home. Too many accessories create a distraction. They can also indicate being unprofessional on the job.

Shave Before the Interview

Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer will draw attention to grooming and the face. It is important to shave a few hours before the interview with a sharp or new razor. Using unscented pre shave oil will prevent razor burns and bumps. Aftershave and moisturizer should be unscented as well. A clean and close shave will indicate responsibility and respect for the interviewer.

Trim Nails and Sideburns

Nails and sideburns are something interviews will notice while a person is speaking, making gestures or shaking hands. Nails should be trimmed and filed so they are smooth. Sideburns should be trimmed as well so they do not flare outward or creep onto the face.

Clean or Replace Shoes

Interviewers will look at the shoes being worn. Ragged, dirty or old shoes can indicate the interviewee is disorganized or unprofessional. Dress shoes should be cleaned and polished before the interview. Old shoes that look worn should be replaced completely.

It can be hard to tell if clothes and grooming are creating the right professional look. It is best to ask one or more people to provide opinions about personal appearance before leaving. Some last minute objective tips could help to correct problems that went unnoticed.


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