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5 Best Accessories for Women

5 Best Accessories for Women

A great outfit leads to a great day. A great outfit accessorized aptly leads to a wonderful day. Accessories are the finish an outfit needs to polish the look. A collection of perfect “grab-and-go” items that pull your ensemble together will save you the stress and expense of last-minute panic styling. Here’s a list of five staples every woman should have to accessorize right.


Watches are an eternal piece of embellishment and are here to stay forever. From classic watches to boyfriend watches, watches enhance your style without making it look too gaudy. Sleek, dressy watches can help your outfit look more classy and posh.


The right belt can turn an average pair of jeans into an effortlessly classic look. A waist-belt, whether slim or wide, cinches the waist and lends an instant sophistication to a dress or long shirt. A skinny belt looks stunning on high-waist pants. Chain-link belts are edgy and versatile. Belts are an easy and classy way to crank up the style, and as such, they are excellent essentials to invest in. Belts are like a magic pill–they slim you down and add a unique look to whatever you’re wearing. They are great for cinching your waist, tucking your tummy and giving you an hourglass figure.


Not only can beautiful shades hide tired eyes and add an air of mystery to your essence but if chosen well for your facial shape and style, they also make an impactful visual statement. From tortoiseshell to sleek black to metal-rimmed, you can’t lose when you select sunglasses that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in. Forget a smile, you’re never fully dressed without a killer pair of shades. Bigger is usually better, but not mandatory if they overwhelm your face shape.


What comes as a savior for a nightmare of a hair day? A hat. Hats are an effortlessly chic accessory that can lift your whole look ten levels up. From a beret to fedora and a trilby, hats are the accessory every woman needs in her wardrobe. Versatile and classy, hats are the finishing touches a woman can add to their look to make it look more sophisticated and trendier.


Perfect for an urgent “hands-free” moment, a cross-body bag is a must-have accessory for a woman. Cross-body bags are casual yet chic and for a hard day’s shopping, an impeccable partner-in-crime. What’s the best part? You can pair them up with any outfit regardless of the silhouette. If you don’t one yet, put a cross-body bag at the top of your next shopping list!


The most important shoe in your footwear arsenal should be a pair of sexy strappy heels with a mid-height heel that carries through day and night. If you’re feeling bold, choose one in a shade that stands out. Strappy heels add a dash of play to a laidback outfit, hence polishing the whole look.


Scarves add flamboyance and make a boring outfit look like a designer ensemble. A good scarf can serve as the splash of color your outfit needs, or work twofold as a headband, turban or even a summer pareo. Choose a silky fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin and a design that coordinates with at least half the colors in your wardrobe. Don’t bother with a neutral tone. This essential accessory should always feature great colors and some pattern, too.


This category is often forgotten when accessorizing. But a beautiful stocking or pair of tights under a dress or tunic can really streamline your look, add some personality to your outfit and even lengthen and slim you. These babies will extend the life of your favorite sundresses and gauzy skirts into the colder months and make your legs look thinner. Also, tights can help you save the panic of the days when you don’t have enough time to groom. Wear a pair of tights with your dress and that hair won’t be visible.


From earrings to a statement necklace and a classy cuff, jewelry is what a woman needs to add the ultimate panache to her ensemble. Jewelry is an essential accessory with limitless styles and options. A pair of classic hoop earrings will add flair to any outfit. A bold statement necklace can make a plain outfit pop. A chunky yet refined ring can make your hands catch more attention. Purchase these accessories online by using JCPenney coupons to avail heavy discounts on your order.Jewelry is the ultimate accessory a woman can possess and manipulate in every way she likes.

To give an enviable sheen to your look, pair up your outfits with these must-have accessories. Although these accessories compliment your outfit, the best accessory a woman needs to ownis confidence which compliments her personality. So, grab your accessories and your confidence and roll through the day like a queen.

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