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What Kind Of Socks Are You Comfortable With?


Socks are an important part of your dress and since Winter is here, some of you would not be leaving them behind from your wear list. However, some of us (mostly men) would not bother whether the pair of socks they choose, will fit comfortably when they wear it. When choosing socks as a daily part of your dress, you must make sure they look comfortable with your entire outfit and that does not simply mean feeling comfortable when you wear them. Besides, if its fabric does not match your skin type, then it could lead to itchiness and odor.

While some of us may know about this already, I am sure some of you are absolutely clueless what kind of socks will make a match for your day.

That is why, here is a list of 4 types of socks you need to know about, to wear for every occasion.

  • For The Daily Wear

You can always invest in socks that come with good quality fabric like acrylic, polyester and cotton. They won’t cause your feet to sweat and will remain comfortable throughout the entire day. When you buy socks of different basic colors like navy blue, gray and black, you can team them up each day with your different suits.

  • For The Formal Wear

Formal socks are not that comfortable to wear but if you are the one who bothers more about your looks than comfort, then they are a good score. These socks can give you the classy look for any occasion be it for wedding or an office party. Team up your outfit with a pair of basic colored socks. You can also go for patterned socks but its better not to indulge too much in them since they might spoil the look. You can go for a trial and then purchase one. Be careful when choosing the fabric. Dress socks do not fit well and tend to slide down, which can make your entire outlook careless.

  • For The Sports Wear

Daily exercises, trekking and other physical activities result in accumulation of dust, sweat and endure regular friction, which eventually leads to formation of holes in your socks. You need to have a pair of socks, which are comfortable to wear around and can easily absorb moisture and constant friction. While cotton can absorb moisture quickly, it is not a suitable option if you are searching for something that is durable. On the other hand, acrylic socks are more comfortable for your feet because of the cushion like feel they give to one’s feet.

  • For The Winter Wear

It is best to choose a pair of socks that is made of wool or nylon fabric. Wool absorbs moisture and conserves heat, thus keeping your feet warm and comfortable by keeping it cushioned. Besides, the nature of the fabric enables air to easily flow. However, not many prefer to opt for woolen socks since they cause itchiness and tend to become uncomfortable. You can go for nylon instead. They are comfortable to wear , warm for your feet and are durable in the long run.

It is best not to underestimate the compliment, socks can give to your outlook whether at work or while attending a party. They are almost like your inner shoe. The only problem is, if they are uncomfortable to wear, then your day might get troublesome and irritating. Your fabric is very important since that can often cause troubles like bad smell and skin irritation. There is also the issue with regard to the elasticity and durableness of your socks, but that can be solved if you purchase a pair that contains Lycra as its essential fabric material. They are highly elastic and are a good fit. However, if you have a sensitive skin, then it is best to wear socks that are friendly for you .

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