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Tips To Buy Scarves – One Of The Most Popular Fashion Accessories


With the approaching fall, it’s about time we all can take out our favorite fashion accessory and start wearing them. Any guesses on what is being talked about? Yes, it is the scarves, after all. They come in a variety of designs, and have the power to make the same outfit look new each day. One single scarf, with just a little modification at how it’s being wrapped around the neck, can not only make the wearer look super-stylish, but can also reveal a lot about his or her personality.

The Hats You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe This Summer

hats in summer

While the raging wrath of summer is showing no sign of calming down, you might think that sunscreen is the best protector of your face from sunburns this season. But with the high level of carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals, sunscreens are not really the most skin-friendly option. What should you do then? Fall back upon…

The Summer-friendly Shoes a Man needs to Rely on

summer shoes for men

Now that the full-fledged blow of summer is upon us, I know you’ll be content with slipping your feet in simple rubber ‘chappals’. After all, even your feet needs a little breathing space, and who cares if you just stick to the drab footwear! Well, you should start caring. The only reason for doing that…

Reasons to Explore a Lingerie Boutique


There are items which are so popular with us that it becomes a necessity to open a different shop exclusively for them. On such item is the lingerie – a true friend of a woman. When in need of making a purchase, I have always been of the opinion that it’s better to visit a…

Beauty Treatments – Do It Yourself

beautiful face

A rigorous work schedule is not only exhaustive for the mind, but also has a tremendously adverse effect on the body. We do not even get the minimum amount of time to look after ourselves. Every day, it is the same routine we have to follow: coming back home dog-tired and dropping dead on the…

Wardrobe essentials for Every College Girl

The transition from being a senior in High school to stepping inside the gates of college for the first time is extremely crucial in the life of every girl. More so because this is the time when a girl starts developing a wardrobe – a precious vault full of clothes and accessories which will last…

Bringing Back the Summer of ’69

60s fashion

The 1960s saw a radical change in the fashion industry which was nothing short of cutting-edge and hard-hitting. It was all about progress and breakthrough. Fashion had never experienced such a bold and vibrant side ever before. There is a reason why the 60s is considered the most popular and dominant era which paved the…