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The Hats You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe This Summer

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While the raging wrath of summer is showing no sign of calming down, you might think that sunscreen is the best protector of your face from sunburns this season. But with the high level of carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals, sunscreens are not really the most skin-friendly option. What should you do then? Fall back upon the most safest and reliable alternative to sunscreen, of course.

The main reason why summer hats witness a widespread popularity is because they are not only effective in protecting the skin of the face from sunburns, but also efficient in making the wearing look super stylish. Due to this reason, hat-makers bring out a variety of products to suit the varied needs of customers. Out of an infinite number of summer hats, here are the top summer hats which you can wear this season:

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#1. The Cowboy Hat

The hat which is popularly associated with American cowboys is perhaps the most practical choice when both style and protection is concerned. These hats have wide brims which increase the area the hat covers. And when teamed with denims, there is hardly anything which can match up to its trendiness.

#2. The Straw Hat

A regular at the beaches and in the gardens, the light material of the straw hat makes it more breathable. The easy access for air keeps the covered area of the head cool. And the fabric lining inside the hat provides the required protection from the sun.

#3. The Flapper Hat

One of the most popular hats of the 1920s, the Flapper hat, has come back in the fashion industry with a bang. Although it does not provide such a high amount of protection like its other counterparts but none the less, it is stylish. As it sticks to the scalp and does not have any brim, it is only the head and the scalp which gets protected.

#4. The Flap Hat

A baseball cap along with falling flaps on the side of a face – this is how the Flap hat can be summed up. This ensures that not only the head or the face, the side features like the neck, cheeks and ears. Some Flap hats come with an added layer of flaps which can be used to cover the nose and the mouth, leaving just the eyes open.

These four types of hats are perfect in protecting you from sunburns and skin irritations which are very common phenomenon in the summer season. So, which is the one you will be wearing this season?

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