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The Summer-friendly Shoes a Man needs to Rely on

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Now that the full-fledged blow of summer is upon us, I know you’ll be content with slipping your feet in simple rubber ‘chappals’. After all, even your feet needs a little breathing space, and who cares if you just stick to the drab footwear! Well, you should start caring. The only reason for doing that is because we all know how clothes make a man, but I’m of the opinion that its shoes which make a man stylish.

Here are some shoes which are efficient in keeping your feet cool and also make you look super stylish:


Criss-cross Sandals

The best part of a criss-cross sandal is that it goes well with almost anything under the sun. From cotton pants and linen trousers to cargoes and jeans, you can dress a criss-cross sandal with any of them. The effects will be amazing every time. Added to this, the front and sides of these sandals are open to allow free air flow.


Equally popular among men and women, loafers are available in various colors and styles. You can easily get your hands on the party-wear and casual loafers. Loafers can be very effective in formal and semi-formal occasions too. These loafers have metallic tassels in front, and can make you look trendy even in your office wear.

Classic Sneakers

Remember the mouth-watering combination of jelly and peanut butter? Sneakers and summer are no less than that. Be rest assured – any attire you plan to wear is going to look great when matched with a pair of classic sneakers. Comfortable, durable and available in numerous avatars, these shoes are one of the best buys in this weather.

Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can be worn at any point of the year, but summer makes it even more stylish. They are an ideal choice for these few months because their cool look and durability. If you are not much into sneakers, these shoes can be the perfect alternative.

In order to look stylish this summer, you do not need a wardrobe overhaul. These shoes are capable of turning even a fashion blunder into a fashion statement. Moreover, your feet will also be happy!

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