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Winter Can Turn Adventurous, If These Are In Your Checklist


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Winter is here and there is no other thought other than how to dress up this season and still look trendy and stylish. Here is a list of items, which are hot in trend right now and if you are a fashion geek, do not miss these things from your check list:

  • Slouchy Back Packs

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Back Packs are back in style but this time they are carrying a more sporty look. Apart from back packs, you can also avail them as duffel bags made of canvas or as suede holdalls.

Whether there is an adventurer in you or you are an urban cyclist or a gentlemen, duffel bags are recently in trend among men right now. Easier than back packs to carry around, they are more spacious and you would find a little bit of space still left, even after you have stuffed your bag with essentials.

A holdall can never be out of date and they can be your favorite companion on the road, for carrying all kinds of necessary things when you travel.

  • Stylish Hats


Though hats are no longer mandatory today, nevertheless they are now considered as fashionable accessories. You can team up your dress with a hat to beat the cold and yet be stylish this Winter. Fedora or Pork Pie hats are more current this season. They are available in many colors. If you are a style conscious dude,who likes some quirkiness to play in your dressing sense, then you can choose a bright and strong colored hat if you are wearing neutral colors.

  • Over-sized Blanket Scarves

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Originating from the African tribal community of sub Sahara and that of Latin America, these scarves are now a style accessory marked with cultural statement.

They can give anybody an individual and masculine outlook and can be worn to work or while attending a party. You can team them up with a classy looking navy pea coat or a lean fitted corduroy to look a little bit different this year.

  • Heavy Boots


Winter means snow, and your streets will be covered and wet with them. It’s time to put on your boots before you step out on the road. How about walking in style in one of those heavy boots that are very much in season now.

Don’t worry about how you would look when you wear them. You can wear a boot and still look smart in jeans, trousers and your casual pants. They are not just for those who are explorers. You can make the city streets look more lively and adventurous with your cool boot struts.

  • Leather Gloves


A pair of woolen gloves would be ideal to keep your fingers warm. Leather gloves are very much in season now and you can add them to your wardrobe to give a dramatic twist to your attire.

Winter fashion is all about practical and artful creation. You can turn your gloomy and chilly day into a colorful and interesting one if you know how to dress up creatively this cold season.

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