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One Dress for 5 Different Occasions: It is Possible

Your closet should have an exhaustive collection of dresses for every occasion. In reality, no matter what you buy, it is impossible to make it complete. Wise thing is to have a bunch of things that can do the magic of transforming your looks in no time. What you should have in your wardrobe is the perfect dress that is just apt for any occasion. All you need to do is to team it with the best accessories. One single dress can be wore in different ways. We will enlighten you about how to adorn it in at least 5 ways.

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A Sheath black dress or the universally acclaimed little black dress is something that never goes wrong. A nice black dress won’t cost you anything more than $100. You can get the expensive ones, but the cheap ones are also worth giving a glance. The best thing about this dress is, you can wear it in multiple ways. No matter how innovative you try to be in you selection of adornments, it doesn’t look very bad unless you choose the worst accessories.

Professional Formal Look: You can try to be a little innovative for a perfect business look created with the help of a little black dress. Just wear a formal shirt underneath. You can also wear a solid color cardigan on top to finish it off.

Out of the Box Office Look: You can try to be a bit edgy while being conservative. Try out dark short jackets with it. Your black pumps can have a bow or two. It will be a good idea to go for pumps in some bright color also. That will cut the monotony of black.

Night Party Look: A blazer in pastel shade can light up the dress immediately. You can add some chunky jewelery to trow in enough sparkle. If the atmosphere is not enough cold, the jeweleries can be worn without the jacket as well.

LBD for a Wedding Party: Short sleeved tuxedo jackets are the best for the look. One glamorous clutch or just a beautiful diamond neck-piece should be enough while out for a formal event or wedding.

Casual Attire: Surprised, right? How on earth can a little black dress be transformed into a casual party dress? But, it is possible. That is what the beauty of a sheath black dress is. Wear a jacket on it. It cuts the monotony of the color. A cross-body bag adds to the fun. Flat boots go well with the look. You can also experiment with high boots with the dress. The look will not get the desired playfulness if you do not choose the jacket in nice colors, stripes or patterns. Try to avoid jackets in monochrome for a casual look with this dress. This becomes a trendy daytime brunch look.

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