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Make-up Made Easy on Mobile Apps

Online make-up tips are already quite popular all around the world. Now you also get mobile apps to check out “what is hot” on the move. After news feed apps, gaming apps and apps related to social media, now you get apps to make you beautiful. There are some really cool make-up related apps that you can explore on an iPhone or Android. We will have a look at 5 of the super coolest of them. They will suggest you the perfect shade for your foundation, the best lip color to go well with your skin tone and at times, the ways to follow for getting the look of a celebrity.

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ModiFace makeup app:

Planning to spend some money on a wide range of cosmetics? Before you actually buy them, get an idea of how good you actually look wearing them. This can save a large amount being wasted on buying the wrong product, what we often end up doing. Before splurging on cosmetics of big brands take some time to upload a photo of yours or just take a snap with the phone. You can try over 1000 different cosmetic shades actually available with different big brands. The app helps you to select the best look for you. Once it is selected, you can zero in on the right shades and brands for you. Once the look is decided, you can save the photo on your Android or iPhone. You will get the entire list consisting all the shades and their respective companies. That particular make-over will be within the reach of your fingers.


If you are a finicky cosmetic buyer, then this app is the best suiting one for you. After getting this app, you can get a list of the names of different ingredients present in your make-up elements. This way, you get to know what you are applying on your skin. So, it is the value for your money, right?

Celebrity Makeup Looks:

If you crave for the sexy jawlines of Paris Hilton, beautifully big eyes of Beyonce, the smile of doe eyed beauty Selena Gomez, then this is the right app for you. You can have plenty of makeup elements to make you look beautiful. But nothing can offer you the perfect celebrity look. For that, you will need to rely on the videos of this app that lead to some of the best celebrity looks. All you need to do is follow the steps meticulously.

Total Beauty:

This app is not to make you beautiful. You do not get any make-up tip from this one. All you can do is checking the best beauty product brands available in the market. The app will offer you all the information about these products along with their reviews. So, now you do not feel confused seeing different companies offering the same product. The app will provide you with enough information on what to buy and why.

Lancome makeup:

This is an app created to offer you the perfect guide for applying make up. You get virtual palettes of eye make-ups, blushers and lip colors from which you can select the one suiting you best. You become a pro after a bit of practice on this android app.

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