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Mistakes to Avoid While Getting Dressed for a Wedding

There is no fit-for-all rule for choosing something to wear to a wedding party. But, there are a few commonly done mistakes that are necessary to be avoided by all. You will definitely have your signature style to stand out among the rest. But, that should not end up in an outrageous styling mistake.

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Colors: You should be cautious about choosing the right color to wear in a wedding party. If possible, avoid black to a large extent. A long flowing black gown can make a number of heads turn for all the wrong reasons.

Men can go for the plain black tuxedos. They can also try out some dark elegant colors like maroon, wine, dark gray, burgundy, etc. Girls can also go for dark black cocktail dresses or sleek lightweight short numbers with a touch of sequins. But, if you feel that your ankle length black dress has the least possibility to fit in a mourning, it should not be worn at a wedding party, not even with chunky accessories.

White is also not the right color for wedding guests. Very few men can carry white tuxedos with elegance. The color is a strict no for women as that can create confusion among other guests. You probably would not like to be confused as the bride on your friend’s wedding. But, off white short dresses should not do much harm as they are not much loud and do not get noticed quite easily.

Skimpy is not Right: Skimpy outfits can attract a lot of attention in a wedding party. Ideally, it should be the bride, not you who get noticed for the largest span of time. Showing a bit of skin might not be wrong, but a wedding party is not at all the right place for it. The hemline should not go above the knees, while the neckline should not plunge much.

Casuals are Not for Wedding Parties: No matter how comfortable you feel in your jeans, they can never be teamed with T-shirts or an elegant shirt for the wedding party. Some people do this mistake specially while going to the wedding of their childhood friends. Some go a step ahead to appear there in flip-flops. But, that should not be until the wedding card specifies the party to be for a beach wedding and clearly mentions that flip-flops can be worn for convenience.

Tiara is only for the Bride: It will surprise you to see how some of the wedding guests go over the board to turn heads. Their wedding tiaras might have got compliments. They think it is reason enough to wear the same tiara on others’ weddings too. The same rule is applicable for ornamental headbands too.

There is no written set of norms to follow while getting ready for a wedding party. It is important to stand in front of your mirror and ask “what suits me?” Cut and color of the dress must be chosen on the basis of your complexion and body type.

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