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Make-up Tips for Women Over Fifty

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Many frown at the makeup attempts of women above who are above 50 years. Truth is, you need more make up elements to make yourself look better after that age. This is the time when you do not need to be decked up like a teenager. But, deft strokes can hide a few flaws of your skin and help you retain a graceful look. You can try out a few tips for doing make up after your tresses turn gray. Hope the ideas offered in this blog will help you out.

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Avoid Dark Lipsticks: As you get older, your lips tend to look thinner. Wearing dark lipsticks can only make them reduced to lines. So, aged people should stick to rosy pinks or soft reds. It is difficult to have a clear choice before you visit the cosmetics shop. Take help from the sales person for selecting the color that suits your skin tone.

Liquid Liners are Not Apt for You: Eye crayons create soft lines to just highlight your eyes. Liquid liners on the other hand create dark lines to make your eyes look deeper. This only makes you look even more aged. You can soften the look by using dark eye shadow with the help of an angled brush. This creates a smudgy contour for your eyes.

Primer Makes the Look Perfect: Wearing a primer before putting the make-up on leaves the made-up look flawless. The foundation, blush on and eye shadow glide on it smoothly. Moreover, make up stays on the primer for a longer time. Your efforts do not get easily ruined and the make-up stays for long.

Cream Foundations and not Powders: Aged women are likely to have dry skin. With age, the natural luster and gloss get reduced. It is a bad idea to put on powder foundations on such skin. Cream foundation can add some moisture to the aging skin. That is the trick to get back some youthful glow.

Do not Overdo & Blend What You Do: A splash of eye shadow, a bit of blushers here and there, bright lip colors, these cannot make you look beautiful without the proper blending techniques. Blending your make up properly is a skill you can grow only after practicing for long. Eye-shadows, blushers should be blended with a broad brush or with the help of your fingers. That can be the ultimate technique to look beautiful and graceful after you are 50.

Aging process can bring some changes to your skin and your overall look. But, that is not necessarily bad always. It is not even a good idea to attempt at achieve a look much younger than your age. Just be yourself and you will look graceful at quite an old age.

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