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Saree: The Yards of Indian Heritage

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Indian fashion is a melting pot of cultures around the world. There is so much of rich textures, that a couturier is spoilt for choice. I wonder, what is really that treasure that draws millions of hearts to India? What is so exciting, that it allures artists and stimulates exquisite creations?

Over the centuries, the numerous Karigars (artists) and hand-loom weavers  have contributed enormously, to the rich textiles of the World. Rather, since ancient times, these Karigars, belonging to the  several Gharanas of weavers, situated in the narrow decrepit by-lanes, mixed a variety of fabrics to develop newer textures and styles of weaving. As, the primary buyers were the Maharajas, there was constant struggle to create finer and richer fabrics, that would capture their hearts.

It took quite a while, for India to make any significant mark in the global fashion industry. Yet, the much reckoned gurus of the fashion world, had been drawing  inspirations from the Indian culture and its many manifestations, since ages.

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The Drapes

Saree is the dominant attire of the Indian women. Sarees are available in its varieties of 6 yards and 9 yards of lengths. The style of draping the saree, practiced by women, vary largely, depending upon the different parts of the country.

A couple of years back, the older women of the families would fear and gossip, about the depletion of our cultural heritage. It seemed that sarees have lost their charm.

I guess, this is what triggered several designers to brainstorm and set the runways on fire once more, with the innovative transformations of saree.

We have worn it, and experimented with its drapes, and played with its vulnerabilities and strengths. Much to a shock to our ancestors, we have even turned the coy saree sensuous and sexy.

Reincarnation of The Saree

Fancy prints, textures, drapes, and other modifications in the blouses or other additions, transformed the sarees into an international trend. This is the most welcoming twist in the fate of the saree, and now for once again we are caught in the awe of its charm, and craving for it even more.

The saree, does no longer speak just tradition, but many other languages. It exudes the language, of the ethereal charm of women. It’s fascinating, how it can bring out grace and beauty is women, irrespective of their age or body type.

Be it stylized with vibrant prints, or formed into ready to wear garments with stitched pleats, the soul of the saree is still intact and untouched. But, these little transformations conceived in the mind of the couture experts, has dispersed its seeds and propagated its desirability among women globally, making its way back to our closets through our hearts.


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