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Confessions of a “Budget” Shopaholic

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Did your heart ever say, “If only I had more money to buy that dress tonight! I wish I could rob a bank tomorrow”? If yes, then know I how it feels! And I know there are millions and millions of women (and also some men too) who feel that same unique feeling – the power to shop all the clothes you like but without being a spendthrift.

Being a shopaholic myself (and that too an experienced one), I believe that there are ways how you can go for the latest “hot” trends yet stay within the budget (apart from the sale events of course). At least, they have worked for me every time.

budget shopoholic

#1. Love what you Shop: Yes, you do buy what you love. But do you really love every thing you buy? Well, you must! Remember that it does not have to be a designer item every time. You should not just “like” the item you are buying, you need to “love” it. Otherwise, do not go for it.

#2. Purchase a Gift Card: Gift cards can prove to be extremely beneficial in managing shopping expenses. Buy an American Express or a Visa gift card as they are the most reliable. Use the card whenever you go shopping. Once the balance runs out, you know it is time for you to stop.

#3. Save as much as you Spend: If you spend $200 a month on shopping clothes and accessories, make sure that you also save $200. In this way, you will not only be able to cover the expenses for the next month, you will also have the choice to spend some more.

#4. Mix it Up: You might find that the idea of buying a few designer items and wearing them with less expensive pieces can be very useful. For example, buy a pair of designer jeans and wear it with a basic top and a simple jacket. You will still look stylish, but without spending too much.

#5. Check out the Vintage stores: Vintage outfits earn more credit than the ones rising in fashion. If you have a decent vintage store in your city, make sure to pay a visit. You might bump into some great designer pieces. You never know! You might get lucky.

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