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2013’s Most Chic Summer Fashions

Summer is one of the most popular seasons of the year to engage in the most popular trends and to have fun with playful pieces that are both colorful and easy to wear. Between different styles, from summer shorts to feminine maxi skirts, there is plenty to experiment with and feel confident in.

Pointed Toe Flats

Not only are pointed toe flats a nice change from sky high stilettos, but they’re also trendy and comfortable to wear whether cruising the boardwalk or going on a fun bike ride. They can easily be worn with a summer dress or high-wasted shorts, and look perfect when paired with a sun-kissed tan.

Mid-Finger Rings

Rings that sit comfortably at the middle of fingers are the hottest accessory to hit the runway. They’re chic and come in fabulous different designs to bring out each girl’s inner bohemian, and look great with a fresh manicure. According to reem fashion, they can easily be layered and combined with other rings so look natural.

The Bomber Jacket

The vintage bomber jacket has made its comeback, perfect for cool summer nights, creating both stylish and casual look. Many are pairing it with skinny jeans and a pair of heels, as it looks great with straight hair or a high ponytail.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are too fun to leave in the 80’s, and can be see with high wasted jeans and leather skirts. They’re wildly versatile in both print and color, complementing most body types and cool enough for long hot days.

Ankle-Strap Heels

When it’s time to dress up and look sophisticated, ankle-strap pumps are a fun addition to any sleek outfit and work to not only elongate the legs, but make for high-class attire. The shoes are comfortable and secure, looking best in black so they don’t blend in too easily. These types of shoes look best with a patterned pencil short or tailored shorts for a clean look.


Love them or hate them, playful overalls bring out innocence in every outfit and began circulating in spring. The biggest designers to the smallest boutiques are selling this gem, with a modern twist that includes holes and worn parts for a vintage look. In both long and short pants, they look best in blue and white, along with floral print patterns. Pair them with a plain tee underneath or easy bandeau for a nod to the 90’s.

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