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Top 8 Fashion Trends for Men to Follow in 2013

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Gone are the days when men would look up to their style icons and gape in awe and wonder. But just gape, let me remind you! They had to sigh away to misery knowing very well they can never look so cool, dapper and suave like their on-screen idols. But as stated earlier, it is a thing of the past.

This year can be a great time to try out things the right way. You must remember that you will have to keep up with fashion and not catch up with it. Following are the top 10 fashion trends for men to follow in 2013 at the end of which is success guaranteed:

fashion trends for men

#1. The Two-button Suits
The two-button suit is considered as the classiest among its kin. The most preferred colors for this suit are black and gray. But make sure the color is subtle, neither too faded nor too dark.

#2. The Colorful Shirts
Go for shirts which are bold, bright and multicolored. Have them properly ironed so that there are no wrinkles. Wear a sombre-colored trouser to balance the look. It is even better if the shirts are striped. However, it is up to you to choose them based on the colors and width of the stripes.

#3. The Dark Brown Shoes
Like the two-button suit, this one also has an unparalleled charm. Matched with a suit of any fabric or color, there is absolutely no way that the dark brown shoes will fail to impress.

#4. Shorter and Better fittings
Long jackets and pullovers give you a disheveled appearance and are loose on the shoulders as well. They work best if they are short in length and have a tighter hug on the body.

#5. Choose the Tie carefully
While most men pay attention to the color and the pattern of ties, its width should also be taken into consideration. If you are heavily built, you should go for slim ties. Otherwise, choose a tie with a maximum width of 3 inches.

#6. Pick the Right Pair of Jeans
You need to avoid buying or wearing skinny jeans. No matter how much manly you are or the way you carry yourself, it will end up making you look girly. Pick something which is not too tightly-fitted and also not baggy as well.

#7. Replace T-shirts with Polos
If you are still wearing T-shirts that scream “student days” out loud, its time to shift to polos. Choosing a simple monochromatic polo shirt is a great way to make yourself look mature yet cool.

#8. The Cool Accessories
Complete the makeover with cool accessories that are a rage nowadays. A classy watch, cuff links or a tie bar – these accessories can make you look stylish and elegant in an instant.

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