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Tips For Buying Good Dress Shoes

Dress shoes bring a refreshing change in your wardrobe, if you are overloaded with sneakers. The added advantage is that if these shoes are worn with an eclectic choice of dresses, then you can even pull it off as a party wear. Here are some designs you can consider.

Oxford Shoe

What: The simplest silhouette that you can pair with almost anything and everything.
Why: If you are investing in your first pair of dress shoes, and you are on a tight budget, then this is a good option. You can pair it with formal clothes, and also party clothes. For your first pair, choose a black one.
Do: You can wear your dressy pair of Oxford shoes with straight-leg denims, or a proper formal suit.
Don’t: Wearing Oxford shoes with khakis and shorts will create a terribly mismatched look.

What: It is a dressy slip-on shoe.
Why: It is lightweight and has an informal look.
Do: You can wear these shoes with narrow pants or slim-fitting denims. If you are a little daring, then you can wear these shoes with khaki pants while vacationing.
Don’t: Being deceived by the low cut and thinking that the leather will eventually expand with regular wear, thereby purchasing a size that is smaller than your normal size will be a bad investment.

What: It is a W-shaped cap toe shoe.
Why: Synonymously known as Brogues, it has a classic country-club look with a winged tip that adds a touch of sophistication.
Do: You can wear black wing tip shoes with gray woolen pants, while burgundy or brown wingtips can be paired with white denims or khakis.
Don’t: Try out the size before purchasing one, so that your toes are not squeezed, leaving you hurt and uncomfortable.

What: It’s an ankle-length boot.
Why: It is a leather boot with a small heel that can give your entire outfit a sleek look.
Do: Wear them with narrow suit-pants.
Don’t: Avoid rocking on the elongated tip as it may end up being very painful.

Men’s fashion need not necessarily be boring and monotonous. Even though there are not too many variations in color, designs and textures can definitely be experimented with.

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