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Tips for Buying Designer Sunglasses to Look Trendy and Sizzling

Your summer look remains dull and incomplete, until you sport a pair of designer sunglasses that can go a long way to entirely revolutionize your appearance. Sunglasses not only make you look stylish but also serves an important purpose by protecting your eyes from the harsh sun rays of summer. The way of purchasing them has now become easier than ever with the option of online shopping being available. But before buying them, make sure you take the following tips into consideration:

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Frame of the glass:

First start with the frame of the sunglass., as deciding the right type of frame can be pretty challenging. Frames come in myriad shapes and types. To choose the perfect type of frame, take a closer look at the shape of face. If you happen to have an oblong face, over sized frame will fit you just fine, but do not choose frames that are very thin and narrow.

UV protection:

Like it has been mentioned earlier, sunglasses are not only a medium for making fashion statements but they also act as a protective measure for your eyes. So the safety factor also must be considered. UV rays are extremely baneful for your eyes, as it is responsible for causing macular degeneration, cataracts and other severe form of eye problems. Try to find lenses that offers 98% blockage from the UV rays.

Polarized glasses:

Buying polarized sunglasses is a smart choice because they bar the annoying glare by allowing the entry of those sun rays that move vertically.

Color of the lens:

This is another factor that must be dealt with while purchasing sunglasses. Most of the sunglasses contain grey lenses as they have the ability to distort color along with reducing the glare effectively. Green and brown lenses increase the perception of depth and provides more contrast. Pick up the color of the lens wisely especially if you are planning to use it extensively while playing outdoor games.

Lens size:

Besides the color of the lens, also consider the lens size when you choose a pair of designer sunglasses. Lens size becomes particularly crucial when buying sunglasses for women, as some women tend to have smaller faces and large lens will look very awkward on such faces. Sometimes this same issue interferes while purchasing sunglasses for men.


Also consider the season when you will be wearing the sunglass. But generally they are worn in the summer when sun rays are the harshest, so find a sunglass that reduces the glare and has tight-fitting frames, that keeps dust particles away from the eye.

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Say no to trends when necessary:

Being trendy is what everyone wants to be as it lets you project yourself in a fun and unique way but it is necessary to know when a trend does not work in your favor, as everyone has different shapes of face and it is not necessary that all the trendy sunglasses will sit pretty on you.

Ask for an opinion:

If you are feeling jittery thinking how the new sunglass will affect your appearance, the best option is to seek a second opinion from a friend.

Availing the discount:

Take the fullest chance of discount offers while buying sunglasses. If you are in no helluva hurry to buy one, then you can wait till your coveted pair of sunglasses go up for sale. Brands of sunglasses generally offer end of season sale.

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