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5 Basic Shoes Every Woman Must Have

Much like Cindrella, the right pair of shoes can pretty much turn your life around, and bring you much closer to our “happily ever after”. Well..almost..
So your desires are soaring, and you wish to have the world’s most exquisite collection of shoes. The Louboutin’s to the Jimmi Choo’s the list keeps growing. God mercy! the beauties sure steal our hearts. But gals, your closet is not growing any bigger, nor is your budget in recent future. What you need is some real help, to find the shoes that are worth all the investment. The rest of you, who have the luxury of both, but yet, don’t find the basic shoes to wear to all occasions, well I’m sure, even you will find this discussion pretty helpful too.

Getting back to the real world fashionistas, who envision a shoe closet full of wonders, where do you find the right shoes to settle for, to see us through at all times?

After years of research, what I discovered is that the secret is not in the number, but in the right kind of shoes. Once you get your basics right, you would never ever go wrong with your shoes again. Have faith, it won’t cost you a fortune.

So What Are These Basic Shoes?

# The Laid Back Flip-Flops (Mornings)

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Though we can never deny our love for the towering six inches, yet the comfy and cute flip-flops are complete must haves. Have your pair in bright neons, with graffiti detailing. This works great with loose, over sized tee and teeny weeny shorts or even with your favorite denims, for the careless cool statement. Think beyond beach or home, wear them to the local departmental store or even to any casual date with your gal pals.

#2 The Elegant Flat Pumps (Afternoons)

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Perfect for that lazy early afternoon strolls in the park, ballet flats spell oodles of comfort and style. Trust them to be your shoe heroes for running errands, to go to the mall or for a casual movie date. What can you wear them with, you ask? Just about anything from a dress, a midi skirt and blouse to your trending jumpsuits. Easy to stash in your bag, they are such sole saviours for those long nights of dancing.

#3 Versatile Wedges (Evenings)

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If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, strap on some wedges! The platform lends height without the discomfort of an all too tall heel, and the strappy details ring in the cute-girl vibe of your ballerinas. Great for showing off your weekend pedicure, wedges can be styled with flowing dresses, skirts, or your trusted pair of jeans.

#4 The Elegant Kitten Heels (Dinner Dates)

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Wish for a shoe that is comfortable, yet makes you stand tall and what do you get? A pair of classy kitten heels! With a heel height of about one and a half to two inches, these heels are a fab evening prequel to a night out in town. What’s more, they’re the most sophisticated choice for work-wear, too.

#5 Sexy Heels (Night Outs)

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If there were an LBD for shoes, pumps and stilettos would be it! Stylish at work and dressy at play, they’re fashion’s call to take your look from day to night in a jiffy. Stock-up on colours like black, nude and a bold red for that extra oomph. You can also take your pick from the round or pointy-toed styles.

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