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For Women in the Business World: Six Hairstyles that Look Chic & Professional

Women who want to look professional in their career should make sure that their hairstyle matches their classy clothes and attitude. These 6 hairstyles are chic and professional enough to be perfect choices for the business lady.

The Classic Bob

The bob hairstyle is probably the most perfect choice for any age and any face shape, since it can be custom cut. For a classic look, try a blunt bob with or without fringe. As far as length goes, anywhere from jaw to just below chin length looks best.

For Women in the Business World Six Hairstyles that Look Chic and Professional

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The Modern Bob

For a modern take on the classic bob, ask your stylist to add layers, stack the back, or cut it slightly asymmetrical. Subtle layering will give you more styling options and a more voluminous look. 


While we often think that the pony only works for school-aged girls, it can look great for the office. The key is how you style it. Make sure the ponytail is either situated at the base of the neck or mid-way up the head. Also, keep it sleek and frizz free, with no loose strands hanging out.


The swingy shag looks chic and business like in a short to mid-length style. Since this cut has lots of layers, it’s a great choice if you want more movement and volume. It can be tricky to suit to your face shape, so be sure to have a professional stylist like the ones at PJ s College of Cosmetology tackle this cut.


If you want your facial features to take center stage, opt for a pixie cut. Any variety of this short ‘do will work, but be careful to keep it professional. While spiky ends may look cute for a night on the town, they don’t work for the office. Instead, go with smooth or slightly flipped out ends.


Long hair can be a great choice for work if you style it appropriately. A great choice is a lightly layered cut styled in subtle structured waves. Another plus to long length is that you can pull it up into a chic bun, a classic work look.

While there are several options for business appropriate hairstyles, make sure to choose the one that works for your lifestyle. Having a stylish ‘do is sure to make you feel and look better throughout your career.

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