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Bandanna: Different Ways to Create A Style Statement

From a simple piece of cloth for maintaining personal hygiene to a symbol denoting support for a particular group, bandanna has traveled a long way to finally become a style statement for the generation aged between 16 to 30. The fun factor attached to this tiny piece of cloth is, you can wear it in numerous different ways to offer support for a particular group. At the same time you get a chance to create your own style statement too. As of now, you can explore four different ways for tying it in style.

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Beanie Style:

This is the conventional way of tying the bandanna around your head to stop your unruly mane from tickling your eyes and covering the front of your forehead. You need to fold your bandanna diagonally to create a triangle. Place the longer edge on the forehead and push or pull it to keep the bandanna as high as you like. Press the top of head covered with the cloth and push the other part of the triangle to the back of your head. Then hold the two ends of the long edge at the back of the head and tie them together with a knot. This is an excellent way to disguise your look on a bad hair day or guarding the crown area from a dreadful sun.


This is the best possible manner to throw in some color to an otherwise boring hairdo. You wake up late in the morning or are too lazy to control your disheveled tresses, scrunchy works well in any of these situations. This one is a college girl’s favorite as it goes well with a lady’s look, who has partied hard the previous night. After folding the bandanna diagonally to form a triangle, start folding the angular part backwards with 3 cm folds. Keep folding it until you meet the long edge. You get a long strip of cloth that should be passed around your pony tail to roll it into a single knot. You do not even need to comb your hair before creating this funky hairdo.

Bandit Mask:

The Bandit mask has two-fold benefits as you get to save your respiratory system from extra dust, smoke and bacteria while being stylish. So, this is the right style for a long drive on a highway through a barren dusty terrain. No matter how much dust you gather on your body, the bandanna will keep your nose and lungs safe from it. You need to place the long edge of a diagonally folded bandanna on your nose and mouth. The angular part should point downwards. Then take the two ends of the longer part pushed backward and tie them into a knot, at the back of your head.

Cowboy Scarf:

A cowboy scarf is always in vogue. The technique of tying bandanna cowboy style is same as doing it for a bandit mask. In short, if you pull your bandit mask downwards, holding its loose angular part, it becomes a cowboy scarf. Ideally, it should rest around your neck.

Be it a style statement or a protest march, a bandanna can add character to your look. The moment you wrap a bandanna around your head or neck, the look created by a simple T-shirt and a pair of worn out jeans get elevated to another level. Try it and see the difference it makes to the complete attire.

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