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Know about Pin Trading

What does it mean to be a pin trader? In order to answer this question, you need to visit to a local sport meet or an event. Anywhere in a sport, you will find people doing pin exchanges with each other. Pin trading has become a huge business today, thanks to the growing popularity of pins.

Pin trading is wonderful way to meet new people and start a conversation. Most pin traders will love to show their pins and share their knowledge. Even a naïve and inexperienced person like you will start to exchanging pins it as a new found hobby. But like most players in a new game, one must know about trading pins, types and their options.

What is Pin Trading?

Pin trading is the process of buying and trading of collectible pins, related to any sports, team or iconic events. This practice has become an official hobby for many people around the globe. Trading pins make a sports match or an event experience more fun and enjoyable. Over the years, thousands of types of unique pins have been created to commemorate a game event or opening day of a new attraction.


Types of Trading Pins

Today, pins are considered a vital part of any big event or a team sport. There are various types of custom sports pins for baseball, hockey, soccer or any other group. It is up to you to decide which type of custom sport pin will make your team more excited about trading.

Cloisonne Trading Pins: Cloisonne pins are the most traditional of all pins. The base material used for making a cloisonné pin is copper. Colors are stamped over the pins having information in detail. This scratch-free trading pins are quite expensive than their counterparts.

Cloisonne Soft Enamel Trading Pins: Most baseball or hockey tournaments opt for cloissone soft enamel trading pins. These types of soft trading pins are plated in high- polished silver or gold metals. Liquid enamel paint is used to colorize the sports pin and then baked at temperatures to treat the enamel. A clear epoxy coating is applied over the coating to make it look glossy and protect against scratches. You get the look of cloisonné but at a more reasonable price.


Photo Etched Trading Pins: Another lightweight alternative of trading pins is photo etched trading pins. The custom design is etched onto brass base. Then the design is filled with soft enamel colors and baked to 450 degree of temperature to ensure its durability and high quality. Clear finish is given to the pins to safeguard the colors of the pin.

Printed Trading Pins: The newest method of pin production is using the printing technology. Silk screen print colors are etched onto base material of the pins similar to that of t-shirt printing. The epoxy dome of the pin protects the printed color from damage.

Printed trading pins costs relatively much less and are of high quality. Most sports team chooses printed pins as their form of trading.

These are some of the common types of trading pins. But, what about the various options in trading pins, that is aplenty? Let’s check out some.

Dangler Pins: A dangler trading pin includes a two –part – second mold and design. Typical attachment is a jump ring but some may have attached to small jewelry chains. Most danglers communicate the year of the start of the tournament, the state flag and so on. Dangler trading pins adds an extra value to your pins, making them more tradable.

Spinner Pins: A spinner trading pins can come in various shapes and sizes such as baseballs, logos, bats or anything. Spinner pins looks extremely good and add dimension to the trading pin.

Bobble Head Pins: A bobble trading pin have two parts – a strong pin attached to the main pin. The bobble will move his head up and down to create an eye-catching effect. Extremely popular in the pin industry, bobble head pins have uniformed dress of the team it represents. Even, you can choose to create special designed bobble custom softball pins for your team.

Blinker Pins: Wear a colored blinker trading pin and see how you outshine others. Colored Blinker light pins makes your pins come to life. The light that gets blinked is connected to a powered battery. Some designs of blinker pins include car headlights or eyes of a mascot.

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