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How to Take Care of Your Sponge Skin Care Puff Pads

Your makeup kit is definitely an important asset. However, it is also important that you take good care of it if you want the best from your sponge skin care products and puff sponge pads.

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Scouring pads often start smelling after a few uses, especially if you are the perspiring type. This can lead to an uncomfortable odor, which is not at all pleasant. However you don’t have to get rid of the sponge skin care pad straight away in such a situation. There are a number of ways you can get it cleaned and continue using it in the future.

For this, heat some water in a sauce pan and add baking soda to it. After you get the soda to dissolve in the water, place the scouring pads in the warm water, making sure it is not too hot. Boiling water (or water that is too hot) can damage the puff you use, which is why make sure it is just lukewarm.

Do not use too much soda either. This may corrode the sponge skin care pad, and leave it totally useless. You can add a little bit of soft shampoo to the water and leave the puff in it for about fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Finally, get the puff sponge out of the water and give it another good wash in plain water. After you have sprinkled the water out of the pad, use a dryer to dry it up. Don’t use too much heat on the sponge, or it may damage its softness again.

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