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Why Ordering Tactical Gear from Stokes International is a Smart Move

Tactical gear can mean a wide range of products depending on the branch of service one is involved with. Really, you might define tactical gear as any object or clothing that assists a policeman, fireman, or armed forces service person (or any first responder, for that matter) in performing their duty safely and effectively. Tactical gear, therefore, might include anything from a police belt to a fire belt to fire decals and police badges.

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All of these things either protect service people, identify them to others, or allow them to carry out their ability to the best of their ability and in the safest and securest way possible.

Stokes International, quite simply, is the best place to purchase many types of tactical gear like the type described above. While there are many choices available when it comes to ordering tactical gear for a squad, team, or unit, there is only one place that had been trusted by Canada’s military and police and first res-ponder forces alike for several decades. Since its founding in the early part of the 20th century, Stokes International has been committed to providing service people with the best tactical gear available that assists them in conducting their duties to the public and to their team members.

There are so many reasons why Stokes is the most trusted name when it comes to tactical gear suppliers. One of the reasons is because of Stokes’ history and emergence from a military background. W.S. Bill Stokes, the founder of Stokes Cap & Regalia, was himself a military man who served Canada proudly in World War I. A member of the Royal Canadian Artillery, 54th Battery, he eventually founded the company in 1949 as a civilian. Bill’s understanding of the importance and significance of regalia was one of the reasons he was so passionate about founding the company, and the torch of this passion has been carried on throughout the family’s generations to the present day. It is this passion for truly meaningful and quality-marked tactical gear and apparel that keeps Stokes International at the top of the game and the industry into the 21 st century.

In addition to the company’s love for their product, the wide range of tactical gear and apparel is one of several reasons customers keep coming back to Stokes. What other company can offer police uniforms, firefighter clothing, police gloves, and other apparel and regalia all from the same source? The next time your team needs new tactical gear of any kind, it’s best to come to Stokes!

To reach Stokes and to place an order, all you need to do is visit the company’s website Police Gear at, or call Stokes’ team of experts available to take your inquiries at (800) 361-2277. There, you’ll find all the 5.11 tactical gear, regalia, and apparel you and your team could ever need. Whether in the field or celebrating, Stokes International has you covered – literally.

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