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5 Great Summer Fashion 2014 for Men

summer fashion 2014

Summer is Just Around the Corner: 5 Great Summer Fashion 2014 for Men

With summer just a few months away, bermuda shorts and muscle tees are slowly appearing in retail stores for new styles that celebrate the coming season. For men, it means slowly evolving their style to show more skin and stay comfortable in the summer heat. It can mean mixing both vintage and modern pieces for a great way of spending time poolside. Instead of becoming intimidated, there are a few staple items to wear for simple and trendy looks.

1. Patterned Shorts

Shorts that have quirky and fun patterns are a must for each man’s wardrobe for a clothing item that will pop when matched with a simple black tee and a blazer. Many patterns from the 90s are coming back in style for looks that include Hawaiian prints, pixelated images, and even florals.

summer fashion 2014
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2. Mirrored Lenses

When it’s time to keep the sun out of your eyes, mirrored lenses are the perfect choice for a trendy style that is bold. Mirrored lenses are commonly seen in both blue and silver shades for a simple pair of glasses that are just as functional as they are cool. Try hanging the sunnies on your shirt to accessorize your outfit.

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3. White on White

Can mens tees look any cooler? Tee shirts are a classic summer look that you can never go wrong with. White tees make for a clean and modern appearance that is plenty polished and can be worn at both the beach and in the office. Stock up on several plain white tees for a staple item that is versatile and will enhance your tan.

4. Shredded Shorts

Shredded shorts bring a bit of edge to an otherwise classic summer wardrobe. Find a pair of shorts that are ripped up on the thighs and pockets or make it a fun DIY project that is fun and affordable. It will add a touch of masculinity to your summer look for a balance with the bright colors in your outfit.

5. Watercolor Prints

Watercolor prints are slowly emerging for the summer for a playful style that nods to the hippie era. The print can be worn with t-shirts, swimming trunks, and with backpacks for a unique pattern that truly stands out among the crowd.

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Whether heading out on a beach trip or making a few friends at the local pool, there are a variety of new styles to celebrate for easy looks that are still masculine. By mismatching different items and breaking a few fashion rules, it can be easy to enhance your wardrobe with some of the latest trends that are hitting the runway.

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