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Sling Bags For Women & Men – The Added Advantage Over Bag Packs


Sling Bags For Women & Men –  The Added Advantage Over Bag Packs

For some time, backpacks had been popular among college and office goers. Briefcases and big side bags were replaced by these backpacks. One of the main advantages is that  you could easily slip them on the back while your hands go free. The weight of these backpacks, get distributed on the shoulders thus making one’s journey easier.

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The New Entry

The latest entry of sling bags into the market made these utility backpacks lose their limelight. Reason? They are not only trendy but are more easy and comfortable to carry around. More comfortable? Yes. Nevertheless, some of us (especially girls) tend to carry it the wrong way. You have to know the right way to carry these bags or else they will continue slipping  off the shoulder.

Wear  it the Right Way

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You need to carry a bag pack with its strap across the chest. By this, the strap is pulled by the weight of the bag towards the base of your neck. This is known as the ‘cross effect’. The effect of carrying the bag in this way gives you an added advantage over backpacks, i.e. – you can strut away in style without even feeling as if you are carrying a burden. Trust me! You would not even need to elevate your shoulders if you follow this method while going out with a sling bag.

Feel Comfortable While Carrying

Another comfort factor that you will get by carrying a sling bag,  is the way the bag balances the weight. The hip and your back will support it. As a result, the downward pull becomes lesser. This helps in reducing the risk of over using the muscles of your neck and shoulder.

A Cool Accessory

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Sling bags have become a cool accessory to go out with your style. Whether you are ready for the corporate look or  for a date or maybe you have decided to go for the hippie look, sling bags are always ready to compliment your style.

You can get sling bags of various sizes based on your what your purpose is. For carrying a laptop, you can get a laptop sling that will fit the dimensions of the typical laptop, that is, of a rectangular shape. A camera sling will be more of a box type. From rexin to leather, they are available in variety of colors.

Other Accessories That Look Great With Slings

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It is not necessary that you need to match your entire outfit with a sling bag. They themselves are sufficient to give you the complete look. Nevertheless, if you are still looking around for some apparel advice, then go for long fitting sweaters and jeans that do not bother you by getting in the way. Medium sized sling bags tend to go well with fitting dresses while sling bags of smaller size will go well with dresses. You can be your best fashion adviser. Just stand in front of a mirror and see which size will go well.

So why sweat about carrying a big bag when you can walk freely with your hands wide open? Just sling it!


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