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The Rising Trend: Does Your Geek Glass Match Your Face?
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The reason, why you spend hours in the shop or at home surfing the net, looking for the perfect pair of frames is that eyeglasses say a lot about you. So, you take time putting on and finding out which frame will go with your personality. Quite recently, while having a small chitchat with my friend, he said that he needed a frame that will make his personality come out – “It should make me stand out among the crowd”.

The latest continuing trend that seems to be visible among all is the donning of geek glasses.  In 2013, Facebook witnessed people flaunting their new geek looks by updating their pictures. “Geek is the new sexy”- was what one of the pictures said.

The Quirky Statement

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The iconic geek glasses came to lime light in the fifties, when Buddy Holly, on his way to Mexico, had to choose between the two pairs of Faiosa brand super thick frames.  One was black and the other one tortoiseshell. His vision was already 20-800 then and eye contacts in those days proved to be unbearable for his eyes. Coming across a thought that if he had to wear glasses, why not go for something freaky made him choose the black frame. Unfortunately, little did Holly know that he would not be sporting it for long, when the ill-fated Beechcraft Bonanza that was carrying him crashed in Iowa. However, his iconic glasses were here to stay along with his music.

The Geeky Trend of 21st Century

The latest geek glasses come is different colors, styles and shapes.  Their quirky and funky signature, have made many people (even those who do not need one) to choose them as part of their fashion accessories.

But do they go for any kind of face? The answer lies in your surrounding environment. Check out for yourself.  Everybody is flaunting one – from celebrities to ordinary people, from youngsters to the elderly, from the oval faced chick to the round faced dude. Geek style is here to stay for some time. Therefore, if you love being a little bit quirky and have still not thought of getting one, I suggest you do go and get yourself one. They are thumbs up for all!

Let us have a Look at Some of The Geek Styles and the Kind of Faces They Go Well With

Circular Glasses: For Oval, Square or Diamond Shaped Faces

Remember Daniel Radcliffe wearing them in the Harry Potter series? Yes, I am talking about that one. Even John Lennon wore one. These round shaped glasses emanate a classic and smart vibe present within you.

Gazelle Glasses: For Round, Diamond, Oval or Oblong Shaped Faces

They are rectangular and are used to make a bold statement. Men commonly use them but women can also try them out. Who knows maybe you will bring out a new trend among females.

Cat Eye Glasses: For Oval, Round or Diamond Shaped Faces

These iconic frames belong to the style, designed during the forties and the fifties. Today, these designs make up a funky statement. Women wear them since they impart an aspect feline to the eye.

Browline Glasses: For Round, Oval or Diamond Shaped Faces

You can rewind back to the forties by putting them on. These glasses come with heavy browline above and lighter lenses below. Men usually prefer wearing them; however, women can also go for the smaller versions of this type of glass.

Wayfarer Glasses: For Diamond, Oval or Square Shaped Faces

This is that iconic glass, which Buddy Holly chose over the turquoise frame. If you want to go for a classic look, then these are the best options you can ever get. What’s more, they go better for both men and women.

However, reading the above guide does not necessarily mean you will have to strictly abide by them. Every face has a distinct feature. Therefore, you can gamble with all of them and see which one of these makes your face stand out from the crowd. In this modern era,  where everything is about technology, ‘being geeky’ is here to stay.

Before I end: After the plane crash, Holly’s hefty frames landed in the Sheriff’s office, located  in Iowa. There it languished for 22 years before it was recovered. It was still the same apart from a few scratch marks. In 1998, Holly’s wife sold them for $80,000. The frame that survived a plane crash to witness its comeback in the 21st century fashion statement.


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