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Redefining the Maternity Style trends

A Big Congrats to all the would-be-moms! You are few months away from being blessed with the most sacred and the purest entity that defines your womanhood. While you dream of the beautiful days ahead, we present you some of the tips that would make you look stylish.

Maternity attires are really something that is beyond flimsy and sloppy night gowns. Rather, comfort dresses should rightly go hand-in-hand during the time of your pregnancy. The little one is growing inside you and it’s time that you express your happiness through the clothes that you wear! So go ahead and add some style to your wardrobe! Clothes always add to the “feel good” factor of a woman and you should not be spending second thoughts especially when the time is so very special!

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Jeans are Forever!
You can always wear your favorite denims in the first trimester and you might have to unhook the first button on the second trimester. Opt for a pair of stretchable jeans or else you can also include a pair of hooks to make them appear like the dungarees. This will provide good support to the bulge. As months progress, go for the boot cut jeans and not the slim fit or skinny ones.

Beautiful Kurtis and Over-sized Tops
Bring on the hip length tunics or the loose kurtas and compliment that with jeans. The loose fit kurtas and the over-sized tees shall aptly hide the bulge. Go for the floral motifs or the block prints over the single colored or plain tees.
You can always select the baby doll tops during this period. Since these clothes flare near the abdomen, they would make the fall of the clothes blowy and natural. Straight fit tops will not be a good option.

Trousers Will Sophisticate Your Looks
Whether you are going to the office or attending any formal occasion during the period of your pregnancy, sport a neat pair of trouser over a loose-fitted top. At times, wearing trousers below the bump can become really uncomfortable hence visit a maternity clothing shop to wear the trousers with belly supports. The belly supports work well for both the mothers who carry child on the lower part as well as on the upper part of the belly. The belly support will provide apt cushioning.

Kaftans and ponchos for Home
Kaftans are cool and fashionable. The drape of the clothing is loose imparting a comfy and classy feel. Ponchos are also very comfortable, stylish and classy and won’t leave you in an uncomfortable state on arrival of an impromptu guest. Sport a pair of trousers or jeans with it for a quick outing.
Apart from the above mentioned tips, you should never forget to accessorize. So make sure that colorful bags, beads and nice pair of shoes are at disposal. However, you should never step out with the high heel shoes; rather, the stylish flip-flops should top the list!

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