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Looking Good at The Gym is No Sweat: Five Styles to Sport

During a Workout

Whether you’re male or female, chances are that you want to look great at the gym. After all, as much as people go to the gym to burn some calories and tone up, they go to be seen. To look great at the gym, find workout clothes that are stylish and flattering. It’s also smart to go an extra inch with grooming so that you feel fresh. Here are five styles to sport during a workout.

Look Put-Together, Not Sloppy

One of the biggest style mistakes that most people make at the gym is to throw on ratty old clothes. Most people use the logic that they’ll be sweating and getting gross, so there’s no point in wearing something attractive. However, wearing new and trendy workout gear will boost your confidence and help you to feel better throughout your workout. A new trend in exercise gear is to wear bright colors, so shop around for fun prints or neon tanks that will add a little fun to your workout. These designs are awesome for men’s tees if you’re looking for light-weight shirts that you won’t be sweating through.

Looking Good at The Gym is No Sweat - 5 Styles to Sport During a Workout

Be Groomed But Not Primped

Arrive at your workout with clean, bare skin and hair. If you workout with hair product or makeup on, the product can run and clog your pores. Instead, just be fresh-faced and bare and don’t forget an extra swipe of deodorant before you leave the locker room. This is the best way to start a workout—clean and ready to get your sweat on. While you don’t want to look gross at the gym (who knows who you could run into), there’s not need to “get ready” like you would if you were going out. After all, it is the gym.

Let your Feet Do the Talking

Look for a pair of workout shoes that mix comfort and style. A cute pair of shoes that fit great are completely necessary for an optimal workout look, and these days, you can find running or exercise shoes in almost every color. Many athletic companies like Nike offer shoes in neon colors that will really make you stand out from head to toe.

Accessorize Your Tunes

It’s a hassle to have to hold on to your MP3 player for the entirety of your workout. Instead, find a great armband that you can attach your music player to for a stylish and hands-free experience. To really pull your style together, accessorize with matching earphones.

Leave Looking Fabulous

Whether you’re male or female, the final step in gym style is to leave looking fabulous. Toss some face wipes, deodorant and your favorite cologne or perfume in your gym bag to freshen up after your workout. For women, you don’t have to spend hours applying makeup and fixing your hair before you leave the gym. Fix your look in five minutes or less by evening out your skin with a BB cream, brightening your eyes with mascara and swiping a quick coat of gloss over your lips.

It’s not hard to look great at the gym. Find workout gear that looks great and you’ll have a boost of confidence during your next workout.


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