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Look Young with a Few Make Up Tricks

What if you get back that perfect look of yours that made your husband go crazy for you? Well there are certain simple ways with the help of which you can easily look much younger. I am very sure that in your makeup kit already contains few Makeup sponge for the perfect and smooth application and the removal of the makeup and of course the other makeup accessories.


Lightning up the Skin -Ãn application of the moisturizer along with the foundation is a must. The press powder get settles in the wrinkle making the skin looks much older.

Edges can be blurred -Eather than going for the perfect drawn line of the eyeliner, smudge the line. This will give a smoky look to your eyes and will get a much soft look.

Lip color – the nude color lipstick and gloss are the latest trend. This looks much fresher and gives the look of the teens.

Use of shimmer-You can choose to use the shimmer that is not sparkly. This also will give you a soft look. The shimmer shadow over your lids will brighten up your eyes.

Use of the creamy shadows and blushes-It is very natural that the skin tends to go dry with the age. Dry and chapped skin, having lots of wrinkles is a common feature. So the use of the creamy products will help to plump your skin.

Don’t go for the skinny eyebrows-Over tweezing of the eyebrows is not a symbol of young age. Rather, after the age of 30, the growth decreases, when it is plucked more.

Lastly it must be mentioned that go with the look that retains your natural beauty. Be comfortable and confident with both your looks and your dress and you are ready to rock the floor.

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