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Jewelry Trends to Follow in 2018

Jewelry Trends to Follow in 2018

As season changes after each quarter, temperature demands you to flaunt more of your skin, and shifting to your jewelry gives you a quick and easy tan-proof update. So this season whether you want to throw a statement or flaunt your style, we have break-down the jewelry trends for you which will rule in 2018.

Choker Jewelry

It wouldn’t be wrong saying that choker adornment is a universal trend which will never go out of the fashion. It is because of the fact that it fits with any kind of clothing you put on. Also, wearing lace Choker with gemstones or pendant adds extra elegance to your beauty that gives an invite to pleasing compliments from everyone around. And why wouldn’t? It always looks presentable and impressive in every season.


Long Necklaces

There is something sensually enticing about long necklaces. They look stylish and trendy when you let it dangle freely over your navel. Else, if you want to make your outfit look more classy, stick to a delicate long pendant necklace and flaunt your open necklines with grace. Choose a stylish range of long pendant necklaces and sparkle up your elegance.


Statement Earrings

Whether you are up for a cocktail party or just going for a routine outing, opting to wear statement earrings cover all your fashion needs all at once. The beauty of any statement jewelry lies in the way you carry the adornment to makes your outfit standout. Choose your earrings wisely that match up to your facial elegance.  Chandelier earrings always look pretty when worn with balanced combinations. Also, it is imperative that you don’t overcrowd the outfit with other heavy jewelry. Because- Less is always more!




Anklets have always been considered as an ethnic piece of jewelry that makes woman ornamentation complete. And it is no surprise that they are in vogue again; as many celebrities and public figures are setting it as a growing trend among youngsters.


Nose Rings

The one thing that looks extremely aphrodisiac on a woman’s body is nose piercing. It is because nose rings add up a flavor of extra elegance around your smile. Wearing nose rings is a charismatic way to flaunt your style statement- It is fresh yet intriguing. There are many choices you can go for before opting for piercing your skin. Whether you opt for nostril piercing or the septum, choosing a right size of ornament for getting an effortlessly attractive look.



Statement Handcuffs

Statement ornaments are meant to make the ‘statement’ – indeed! And handcuffs are the great way to show-off your sleek and edgy glamorous look. All thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey obsession – The trend of anything related to bondage has become a rage amongst women. It is enough to opt a single heavily embellished and delicate piece of a handcuff for making a statement – Just it!



These fashion gimmicks are the bests of the statement pieces you can opt this year. Don’t shy away to experiment with your looks– The bigger and heavier, the better. Just Remember: Keeping it simple is the key! Wear one at a time, and there you go – Be the Fashionista!

 Author Bio:

Ella James  is a lifestyle and decor blogger and editor at Lijo Decor. She is a long-time native from Miami, Florida , USA who loves to publish her own articles in various lifestyle-related websites.



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