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Informal Dresses and Decency – Where Should You Draw the Line

When people are allowed to wear casual clothing in the office, they often make a mistake. They forget that office casuals are not similar to that you wear while mowing your lawn, going on a picnic or visiting a dance club. You should know your limitations and be casual just remaining within the parameter of company policies.

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Wearing informal dress means you should feel relaxed, casual, but still charged up to work with the utmost level of devotion. The materials of clothing and fabrics can vary widely, depending on the weather of the location where your office is located. If it is a place with temperate weather, you can try to select some out of the box pieces. But, if you need to deal with the tropical humidity and heat on the way to the office, try to put comfort before style.

In case, you need to remain in the sun for long, try to wear soft pastel colors and lightweight fabrics. It is better if the materials vary from cotton to linen and rayon. These clothes soak the sweat from your body surface and keep you dry and cool. On the other hand, they get dried quite easily. You do not need to be in the wet clothes throughout the day.

Informal clothes of any sort cannot be right for the office. You need to select the dresses keeping company policy in mind. Whatever you wear should not reveal much of your skin, while a riot of color is a strict ‘no’ for office or workplace. You should stick to sober light to dark colors. Bright colors should be avoided. You should know what suits you. This is applicable for both the fit and the color. Be it formal or informal, office dresses will remain stuck to your skin all day long. They should not make you feel itchy. There are certain materials you might be allergic to. It is better to avoid such fabrics even while choosing informal clothes.

No matter how much liberal the company allows you to be, it is better to restrain yourself a bit for client interactions or business meetings. Being informal does not allow you to wear something that can hurt other’s emotion. The clothes you wear can bear the names of different brands of dresses. But, noting you wear should flash any derogatory message against any community or group of people. In short, you should wear informal attire responsibly.

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