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Learn How to Make DIY Wedding Bouquets for Your Upcoming Nuptials

How to Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Adding a little personal touch to your wedding day is something that makes the day more special and memorable. When we plan for our wedding we try to make the event both unique and remarkable. Aside from all the arrangements made by the wedding organizers, one of the easiest ways to add personalization to the big day is by making your own wedding bouquet. This will provide you the satisfaction of self-creating something for the special occasion aside from giving that touch of uniqueness to the final product.

With so many spring flowers in full bloom, like dahlias, peonies, garden roses, and more, their vibrant colors and variety inspire us greatly to make a floral bouquet on our own. Carrying your self-made wedding bouquet while walking down the aisle on your wedding day can give you a special feeling and happiness that is beyond your imagination.

The tradition of floral displays during weddings dates back to ancient Rome. Roman nuptial occasions aways included flowers as part of decoration because they symbolized new beginnings, fertility, and fidelity. Even today, flowers are an integral part of a wedding celebration and find various uses from decorating the venue to making the wedding bouquets.

Learn how to make a wedding bouquet with this simple step-by-step process to create a marvelous display of flowers for your big day.

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet?

Before we learn the process of creating an amazing floral wedding bouquet, let us quickly go through the necessary items that you will require for the purpose.

  • Flowers – The flowers you select for your wedding bouquet will depend on your personal preference. While choosing the flowers, consider the seasonal ones, as well as the design theme of your wedding venue.
  • Greenery – Incorporation of greenery in your bouquet can add the fresh and lively look to it that increases its appeal to a great extent. Besides, it will help fill any gaps in the floral arrangement and also add a more appealing texture.
  • Floral Shear – You will need this to cut the flowers and for trimming soft stems while making the floral arrangement.
  • Ribbon – Different kinds of ribbons are available, which can be used to tie the flowers and keep the bouquet together in a decorative manner. While choosing the color and type of ribbon, keep in mind the overall design of your bouquet. Pick some ribbons that beautifully complement your floral arrangement.
  • Floral Wire or Floral Tape – These supplies serve to hold the flowers and fillers in place.

When you have collected all the essentials, get ready to start crafting your amazing wedding bouquet by following the steps mentioned below.

Select the Right Flowers

Before choosing the flowers, consider the colors used in the venue or the theme of your wedding. This will help you choose the right flowers that will match perfectly with all the other elements of your wedding decor. Moreover, the color scheme of your bouquet should be similar to the theme of the overall wedding décor.

Purchase the flowers from your local floral shop or farmer’s market, or from an online wholesaler. After buying them, keep them in buckets filled with water in a well-lit space so that they remain well-hydrated and fresh for a long time. You can also use paper flowers to make a great bouquet.

Prepare the Flowers

The next task is to prepare all the flowers, and for this, you will need adequate space. With your hands or making use of your flower shears, cut off all foliage from the flower stems. If you use roses, make sure to remove all the thorns from them. This will ensure that your bouquet looks and feels smoother. Check whether the stems are of uniform length or not. If not, trim the extra parts of the stems and make sure that all of them are of the same length instead.

Assemble the Flowers

Start by picking the filler flowers and keep them in place. Then arrange the flowers, followed by greenery one by one to form the bouquet. Rotate the bouquet as you place the flowers, to fill up all the sides perfectly. Insert greenery often and keep their stems extended to about 4 to 5 inches at the bottom.

Wrap Your Bouquet

Now, take a floral tape or wire to secure your bouquet so that everything stays in place. Bunch the stems together with the floral wire and wrap it around the stems many times to ensure that nothing falls out of it. Make sure to keep about 1 to 1½ inches of stem uncovered by the wire at the top and 4 inches of exposed stem underneath. This helps keep all the pieces of the bouquet in their assigned positions.

Decorate with a Ribbon

The next step is to add a ribbon or any other decorative covering that will conceal the floral wire. Tie the ribbon around the bouquet multiple times until all the portions of the floral wire have been covered up.

Cut Off the Stems of Your Bouquet

In the last step, trim the stems with the help of floral shears. To give your bouquet a smooth and even look, cut all the stems so that they are equal in length. In a flower bouquet, 7 to 8 inches of stem length is ideal. However, you can trim them according to your preference.

Final Takeaway

Here is all that you need to know about how to make a wedding bouquet. Taking into account the high cost of wedding bouquets in the market, making your own floral arrangement is not only a cost-effective option but will also help you get creative and personalize your bridal bouquet. Get started with your wedding bouquet now, and surprise everyone with your artistic skills on your big day!

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