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Give A Creative Edge To Your Regular Wear By Adding A Scarf To Your Attire

An important part of every woman’s wardrobe are scarves. Not only of the fact that scarves seldom go out of fashion, but they are also available at very affordable prices. So if you are wondering what to do with one that you have purchased some years ago, its time you bring it out and use it as creatively as possible.

Rectangular Scarf
This is the most common style available. The classic way to use it would be to wrap it around the neck, leaving one end of the scarf on the backside, and the other in front.

The Boho style would entail wrapping it around the neck and placing both corners in front. Ensure that both sides are of equal length. Another option would be tying a knot and then allowing the remaining fabric to hang loosely. This would impart a casual look to the wearer.
Silk scarves look elegant and classic. They are also comfortable to wear. They best advantage is that you can team it up with both dresses, as well as jeans and tee.

Square Scarf
This scarf is square in shape. Fold it to form a triangle and drape it over both shoulders placing the triangle in front. Bring the loose ends in front, either tucking them in, or allowing them to hang loose.
When wearing a dress, opt for a silk square scarf and place the triangular portion at the back. Hang the loose ends in front to look elegant and classy.

Infinity Scarf
Also known as the Circle Scarf, this is a rather new fashion development.
Already having a loop in the design, you can add as many loops as you want around your neck while wearing this.
This style looks good with jeans and jerseys. You can also wear a sequined scarf with a backless dress.
They provide warmth and comfort, and significantly enhance your style statement.

Ruffle Scarf
You can knit a ruffle scarf and add a stylish twist to your wardrobe. You can wear it with any outfit. A lightweight crochet scarf is a good spring and summer wear. Opt for thicker ones for the winter months.

Add a new dimension to your wardrobe by wearing a scarf creatively. Wear a different style every day to add to your versatility.

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