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Five Gorgeous and Current Trends in Wedding Apparel

When you start planning your wedding, you might want to incorporate the latest trends in dresses, colors and other items so that your day reflects the modern choices of other brides. There are certain things that brides are choosing today that you might not think about using in your wedding, but when everything is brought together, it is sure to be a beautiful event.

Mint and Other Pastels

Whether it is a bridesmaids dress or the colors on the cake, pastels are sure to be very popular in the next year. Mint is one of the top colors as it goes well with a variety of other colors like black, beige and pink. You can choose various hues of the pastels to match the decorations.

Five Gorgeous and Current Trends in Wedding Apparel


Although this might seem like an odd addition to a dress, it is predicted to be a huge hit, especially among the younger brides. Sequins of bold colors like blue and purple can be added to the bottom edge of a dress to create an elegant look, or you can add the sequins to the neckline for a little bit of charm. Some brides are going with the partially sequined look, but there are many who are going all out and putting sequins all over their dresses as well as the bridesmaid dresses. Gold and silver are popular colors if you want something subtle.


What better way to combine elegance and antiquity than with pearls. The way to wear the pearls is to use a thin strand that is doubled. This will capture the attention of someone while drawing the attention to the rest of the dress. The pearls should not hang too low but sit delicately on the collarbone. Pearl bracelets and earrings are another idea if you want to use a piece of jewelry that is not too overpowering.


The decade of the 1920s is slated to make a comeback. With the release of movies in this era, brides are choosing to go with the glitz and glamour that they see women wearing. The plunging neckline as with some of the Victor Harper wedding dress designs is an example of what the look embodies.


Lace has always been an addition to weddings in some form or another. However, you will probably see more of the material on dresses in the near future. It should not be added so that it overtakes the dress, but it needs to be something delicate. You could include lace on the veil, train or cuffs of the arms and not draw too much attention to one area of the dress over another.

Examine the way that you want your wedding, and decide on the details that interest you. Look at some of the trends to see how you can add your own fun details. Start with a list of what you want to include in your wedding, and then go to various stores to see what is offered before making a decision. Begin by choosing the colors, and then you can decide on the additions.


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