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Bringing Back the Summer of ’69

60s fashion

The 1960s saw a radical change in the fashion industry which was nothing short of cutting-edge and hard-hitting. It was all about progress and breakthrough. Fashion had never experienced such a bold and vibrant side ever before. There is a reason why the 60s is considered the most popular and dominant era which paved the way for the later generations. The 60s style was no doubt polished and elegant; but what stands out is that it also carried an air of mutiny and revolution.

1960s fashion trends

The credit of this change in the fashion trends mostly goes to the ‘British Invasion’. The arrival of The Beatles in the United States in February 1964 marked the beginning of crazed teenagers following the image and tone of these rebellious musicians. The impact of rock and roll culture in fashion was further cemented with the emergence of Jonathan King, The Moody Blues, and The Rolling Stones.

Some popular fashion trends during the 1960s which we would love to get our hands on this summer are:

#1. Bell Bottoms: Popular among both men and women since the mid-60s, these trousers are skin-tight from the waist to the knees, but grow wider as they move downward from the knees. The typical circumference of the hem is usually 18 inches, making it extremely comfortable for the wearer. Although the modern boot-cut jeans bear close resemblance, the bell bottoms could have been a great wear this summer if it had existed.

#2. Tie Dye Shirts: Mostly related to the hippie culture, the tie dye shirts came to prominence during this era. These shirts had a defiant and anti-authority smell coming out from them. It, therefore, took no time to spread like a wildfire among the youths. Usually made of cotton, these breezy and bright-colored shirts would have worked great during the summer months.

#3. Teashade Glasses: Made popular throughout the world by John Lennon, these perfectly round and thin-rimmed sunglasses immediately became a massive hit. Also once worn by notable musicians like Jerry Garcia and Mick Jagger, it’s very hard to find teashade glasses in stores these days. Only the lucky owners will have the chance to wear them to protect their eyes from sunlight as well as making a strong style statement.

#4. Saddle Shoes: These casual and low-heeled Oxford shoes were made distinct by their saddle-shaped panel placed in the mid area. Also a great choice during summer, these two-toned oxfords were instant classics. Popular among both men and women, these shoes are one of the few products of the 1960s which have made a successful comeback during recent times.

As stated earlier, some of them are not easy to find in stores and markets. But it will be real great if they are re-introduced some time soon. But for now, mix them all together in your mind and let the image be the perfect tribute to the trend-setting days of the 60s.

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