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Beauty Trends That Will Scorch This Summer

With summer around the corner, it is time to say goodbye to the heavy makeup and hairdo and opt for styles that are simpler and easier to handle. Here are seven styling tips to maintain a fresh appeal in the heat.

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Glowing Skin
Apart from drinking lots of water and other fluids, it is equally important to maintain the health of your skin by regularly cleansing, toning and exfoliating. Moisturize the skin on a regular basis to keep it supple and soft. A tinted mousse is apt for oily skin tones, while a tinted moisturizer can be used for dry skin types.

Rosy Lips And Cheeks
Shades of rosy pink and baby peach powders can be used to highlight your jaw bones. To maintain a radiant and dewy look, a bit of blush, along with a warm shaded eyeshadow can be used. A lip gloss that matches your skin tone will complete the look for you.

Soft Eyes
Nothing is more refreshing than a fresh look during the hot summer months. A nude shade of eyeshadow coupled with generous doses of Kohl and mascara will give your eyes a well defined look, and at the same time keep the overall appearance as simple as possible.

Brave Brows
You can give your brows a stronger and more defined look by using an eyebrow pencil to add volume to it. The way to highlight them is to pair your well-defined eyebrows with nude eye-shadows and pale peach lip shade.

Pop Eyes
While the day make up is best when kept simple, evening makeup can definitely be a little bright and gaudy. Colored eyeliner applied in a winged style and a shimmering eye shadow are a perfect complement for strawberry lips. A black eyeliner can also be applied if you chose lip shades that are crimson or coral in hue.

Bright Lips
The trend now is to go bold with the shades of your lipstick. If bright red makes you uncomfortable, then choose a cranberry pink, or citrusy orange. Nude shades of lip color are boring and will not to anything to accentuate the minimal makeup that you will naturally opt for on a day out in the sun.

The Perfect Plait
Tying the hair into plaits is a good method for managing your long tresses during summer. It should be adequately nourished to stay in place. You can also choose from a variety of accessories to complete the look. You can also tie your hair into a soft chignon.

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