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Gray Hair is in Vogue: Don’t Hide Them, Rather Take Good Care

More and more aging women are going gray, gracefully. According to a popular cosmetic giant, many above 40 are not striving hard to get back their black strands anymore. Many have admitted that their gray hair give them a feel of liberation and supreme level of confidence. So, there is no need to hide behind unnatural colors. The salt and pepper style can get a stunning look too. Many start dying their hair after discovering a few grey strands among the lot. They suddenly give up after having a plan for getting a complete silvery look. But, this transition period should be passed through with a lot of patience and a bit of tactics. Otherwise, you can mess up the complete look.

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Take small steps to the complete gray look: Do not give up dying before the hair strands are 60% silver from root. But, giving it up abruptly can make the tone and texture look unkempt. A highlighter can prove to be a good replacement for the dyes.

A new haircut: Hair cut above the collarbone is a nice camouflage for the salt and pepper phase. Choppy cuts are the best to hide your silvery roots. The contemporary hairdo and cuts always suit on gray hair. It is not good to go for matronly styles with gray manes. Once your hair turns completely white, the above the shoulder look will be a good idea. Straightened gray hair with a hot iron or adding soft curls with rollers keep them shiny. This helps to reflect maximum light to give you a shiny look. Moreover, your face also gets a nice frame.

Special care for the silvery mane: As the graying process just gets started, the protective layer of cuticle gets thinner. It is then exposed to sun and chemicals. As a result, it becomes coarse and brittle. You can keep them soft and great looking by following a few easy steps.

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo to make it soft and lustrous
  • Clean hair at least once every week with products specially designed for gray hair.
  • Use a gloss once in a month for a natural shine
  • Always choose clear gels for gray hair. Tinted mousse can make the color visible on hair.

Gray hair can become the signature style suiting your personality. It is all about taking good care before styling. The right cut and hairdo can enhance the look.

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