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8 Things to Avoid Wearing once a Man enters his 30s

Waiting at the doorstep of the 30-club is the perfect time for a man to start revamping his wardrobe. It is a fact that every man (although secretly) yearns to hold on to his youth as long as possible. But he must also understand that there are certain items which will make him look ridiculous if he tries to pull off now, even though they made him look great at a college party.

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#1. Visors:

Get rid of your visors; buy a sunglass if you want to avoid sunlight getting in your eyes. Men in their 30s wearing visors really look like dolts.

#2. Ed Hardy T-Shirts:

A man in his 30s better not think about wearing a T-shirt which has a bedazzled dragon on it. Ed Hardy T-shirts are tacky, loud, and shiny; and can only look decent when worn by a college student.

#3. Bright Sneakers:

Sneakers are extremely cool and comfortable, and it’s completely fine to wear sneakers with colors on them. But when you reach a certain age, it is better to tone things down. Avoid loud colored sneakers like the ones with neon green or electric yellow.

#4. Winter Shorts:

Every time I see a man wearing cargo shorts in winter months, my immediate assumption is that he has been thrown out of his house by his wife. And the cargo shorts is the only thing he is left with. For God’s sake, if you can wear scarves and gloves, then what’s wrong in long pants?

#5. Low-waist Jeans:

Teens wearing low-waist jeans can be excused because of the fact they are often blissfully ignorant; ignorant of the situation that the jeans make them look like total morons. But having lived for nearly 30 years, you must be knowing that it is time to use a belt.

#6. Wallet Chain:

Unless you are part of a biker gang riding Harley-Davidson, a wallet chain is of no good. If you dress and act like an adult, your wallet is sure to go nowhere.

#7. Leather Wristband:

Neither you are a blacksmith nor a member of a rock band. Then what is the purpose behind strapping a leather band to your wrist? Get this clearly: wear nothing in your wrist if it doesn’t tell the time.

#8. Crocs:

Yes they are comfortable. But you being an adult have no excuse unless of course you’re mentally challenged. Is making your feet look like the ones of a Lego person worthy in your attempt to look younger?

You must better start taking preparations and discard these items as soon as possible. It will not only save you from disgrace of failed attempts to look younger, but also make some extra space in your wardrobe for items which will suit your age.

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